• Service with Heart

    Free Education, Free Healthcare and Free NutritionONE WORLD, ONE FAMILY Sathya Sai Baba’s mission accelerates under His young successor, Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai Today…10 years after the passing of Sai Baba’s physical body, we witness: Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai spearheads a global mission of service and spirituality across 33 countries. Since 2011, (Beloved Sri Sathya […]

  • Yoke Moi Self-healed Breast Cancer 22 Years Ago

    No to op, chemo, radio T after seeing her mother died — with all the pricey treatments in a famous KL hospital — of liver cancer. Mother-of-five, Low Yoke Moi was a high-achieving Insurance agent when diagnosed with breast cancer. She immediately quit work to focus on healing naturally. Besides seeing her mother die painfully, […]

  • We ARE Nature

    Excerpts from Sustainable Food Trust – http://www.sustainablefoodtrust.orgPublished in Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Summer 2020 Issue 125 The principle of beauty – beauty is inherent in the world What we see in Nature is pleasing to the eye, but there is also great purposeto this beauty. Everything created has a function that plays an integral part inthe […]

  • Please do NOT ‘fight’ Cancer! LOVE & NATURE will gently win over all mutant cells

    An open letter to Adrian Tan, President of the Singapore Law Society who in July 2022 vowed to “Fight my Cancer… until the clock runs out”. Sadly, close on the heels of Adrian’s interview came the news that Andrea Teo, 56, Spore’s most famous comedy producer has “lost her two-year battle with cancer”, she “fought […]

  • Mother Mary’s Messages to Connie Shaw about Earth changes

    Updated! August 26, 2021 by Connie B Shaw of Colorado who, with husband Jim, has facilitated Quantum Gazing in SWAMI (Nursing) Home, Singapore for several years. I (Betty L Khoo) bought Connie Shaw’s book, ‘Mother Mary’s Messages to the World’ in the mid 1990s. I read it and it resonated with me as the message […]

  • How Carol brought semi-comatose husband back to Life when hospital doctors failed!

    How Carol brought semi-comatose husband back to Life when hospital doctors failed!

    Betty Lau reports from notes in Carol Lim-Cheng’s diary. Carol is the younger sister of Susan Lim, lead singer of the Crescendos who vanished off the east coast of Malaysia, during CNY of 1970. My beloved uncle Lau Kheng Khuang, a good swimmer, also drowned.  28 Mar. 2007 – Jimmy Cheng, 55, an advanced scuba diver was on […]

  • Chickens We Eat

    Chickens We Eat

    Science now proves they are highly intelligent, sensitive and family oriented. About 30 years ago, one kampung chicken would be bought and eaten by a family, over several meals in a week. Today, an overweight family waddles into KFC and each person eats a quarter of a chicken. Even the nasi lemak breakfast now comes […]

  • FEAR – We are Victims!

    FEAR – We are Victims!

    A consequence of the un-natural foods we eat, grown in soils poisoned with chemical fertilisers! Excerpt from article by Kathrin Dakin in Biodynamic Newsleaf , Sept 1995 In NATURE – animals/insects use camouflage to protect themselves against Predators. Humans don’t use camouflage – and (ideally) we should arm ourselves with trust, judgement and intelligence. But […]

  • SC LIM — Holy Ash, Lourdes water + awesome advice from a Tibetan master — out-lived all his doctors

    Capt Lim Swee Cheong, 41, was given only 10 weeks to live, after horrific radiation treatment in 1981 for nasopharyneal carcinoma (nose cancer). This is an excerpt from the miraculous healing that saw Lim outlive the four doctors, a radiologist and oncologist who attended to him. Lim, a gregarious free-thinker, gratefully accepted the prayers of […]

  • “IF Ivermectin from me saved just ONE life, it is worth it (the consequences)” – Dr Amir Farid Isahak

    And the consequences? MOH raided his Kuala Lumpur clinic for prescribing an unregulated anti-parasitic drug to prevent C0VID 19 (Malay Mail 16/06/21) So who is Dr Amir Farid? Why did he bravely (recklessly?) not only prescribe this medication to his patients but their family, close friends and their families and friends who also want to […]