Betty L Khoo Kingsley, Singapore born, one son, two god daughters and eight grandchildren. Was lifestyle editor for the Times group. In 1994 Betty turned her back on the material life when she and her second husband Richard made their home in Darwin-rural, Australia.

From clinking champagne glasses at product launches, Betty was stuffing cow poo into horns with new found bio-dynamic friends. As Greenpeace activist she was storming ministers’ offices with megaphone to protest against Monsanto’s herbicides.

“So liberating” says Betty who calls herself a free spirit. In 1995 Betty published ‘Conversations with my spirit guide – what you can learn of Life, Love, Earth changes and Souls purpose. Then in 2007 – 2009 Cancer Cured & Prevented Naturally sold out.

As co founder of Starseed Solar Village and Society, Betty lives in a Malay village by the sea in Johor, Malaysia, where Starseeds have built a healing garden of culinary and medicinal weeds, and tropical fruit trees. She is also working on a series of mini e books: Diet for the New Human, Grow Younger Naturally and Love Heals Naturally.

Agnihotris: Practitioner of the Vedic science of self and earth healing with fire.

Anthroposophist: Follower of Rudolf Steiner who founded Anthroposophical medicine and nutrition, Waldorf Education and Bio-dynamic agriculture.

Ayurveda Advocate: The Vedas as revived and taught by avatar Sai Baba.

Anastasia of the Ringing Cedars: People going back to the land.

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