Please do NOT ‘fight’ Cancer! LOVE & NATURE will gently win over all mutant cells

An open letter to Adrian Tan, President of the Singapore Law Society who in July 2022 vowed to “Fight my Cancer… until the clock runs out”.

Sadly, close on the heels of Adrian’s interview came the news that Andrea Teo, 56, Spore’s most famous comedy producer has “lost her two-year battle with cancer”, she “fought courageously” but succumbed on Aug 25, 2022.

Please do not ‘fight’ cancer as this aggressive approach turns your body into a battleground! Gently nurture your mutant cells and heal as so many, including doctors-with-cancer, have done.

We want to bring you HOPE and real-life stories of ordinary people whom doctors had said, “Sorry nothing more we can do” but they turned to raw vegetarian diets & self help strategies and many outlived their oncologists!.

Cancer Cured & Prevented Naturally (2009). All sold out.

This book features ordinary people who, after their oncologists/radiologists told them that there is nothing more they can do – “so prepare your will “– turned to a complete change of diet & lifestyle, took up Qigong, TaiChi, Yoga or Silat (all utilizing deep breathing and meditated 2-3 hours daily) and many out-lived their doctors. 

Most importantly, they took responsibility and took charge and did not leave their fate to their doctors. (The right doctors can guide you, the wrong doctors can kill you with their arrogance & ignorance – Chapt 13) 

page capture of Grow Young and Healthy Naturally

Pak Rahman Latiff(above), 82, holding a copy of Cancer Cured & Prevented Naturally book, is also profiled in my latest book: Grow Young & Healthy Naturally (2020) – featuring 17 people ages 32 to 92.

Cancer Cured & Prevented Naturally (2009) is all sold out but Kampung Senang’s Holistic Lifestyle Centre (Block 106 Aljunied Crescent) has a few copies of the 2007 edition, Cancer Cured Naturally.

Dr Chris Teo retired Botanist turned Herbalist founder CaCare, Penang wrote the foreword to Cancer Cured Naturally (2007/2009) .

“Learn from the Humble and Simple. It is Ego and Arrogance that prevents many of us from wanting to learn that there is a NATURAL way to heal almost all Cancers.” — Dr Chris Teo.

“After a decade of helping cancer patients, I have come to this simple conclusion: The more educated you are, the more money you have, the higher the chances you will die from cancer! 

This death could be the result of the treatments rather than the disease itself…the moral is, let us learn to live with our cancer and together with proper diet (plant based), exercise and meditation…we will confidently nurture these rebellious cells back to normalcy.” 

More Physicians for Responsible Medicine speak out about The Root Causes of Cancers

“We are not tackling cancer-causing habits and environmental causes”

“Scientific data now shows that natural healing mechanism: can be more Effective than any Drug…” Dr David Servan-Schreiber, neuro-scientist, author: Anticancer: A New Way of Life. “I was 31 when diagnosed with brain cancer…yet most studies show that at most 15% of cancers due to defective genes; what gets passed on are cancer causing habits and environmental exposures.”

Sadly Dr Servan-Schreiber had a 3rd recurrence of brain cancer and passed away in 2011 at age 50 but for 19 years he travelled ceaselessly in the middle east as a Doctors Without Borders volunteer. 

“Surgery and Chemo do NOT cure Cancer, Chemo drugs are deadly poisons.” 

Dr Hiromi Shinya, pioneer of colonscopic surgery. Drugs cannot fundamentally cure diseases. Drugs exhaust ‘source’ enxymes and, anticancer drugs most challenging of all for source enzymes…only the body can heal itself…key to healing is activating our body’s own miracle enzymes. Many foods are harmful to the body”.

Dr Shinya is the author of The Enzyme Factor – showing a diet that prevents heart disease, cure cancer, stop type 2 diabetes. He lived until age 86 and passed away peacefully in Tokyo.

Physicians for Responsible Medicine are SPEAKING UP!

These open-minded, nutrition-based doctors are writing books, producing DVDs & lecturing about this.

“The Great Cancer Lie: It Is Preventable & Beatable. Early Detection NOT good enough.”

“Eat your plants…cut out meat / dairy. Reverse diabetes plus heal and prevent cancer,”

Responsible Scientists speak out about Root Causes of Cancer

Dengue killed 32 people in 2021, but cancer kills 5,700 a year in Singapore.

“The cancer Industry marches on like an unstoppable tumour” – Prof/Dr Samuel Epstein, (Occupational & Environmental Health, Uni of Illinois), author The Politics of Cancer (1979) & in 1999 he updated with The Politics of Cancer Re-visited

“Why has the Cancer Industry adamantly refused to look at the unregulated production of over 100,000 synthetic chemicals by industry?” 

“The Cancer Industry blames the sufferers – genetics and poor lifestyle choices.

“But this professor says, the people have no control over the air we breathe and the water from our taps.” (pg 180 Cancer Cured Naturally). Note: Prof/Dr Epstein died in 2018 at age 91 “My father walked his talk,” his son said.

“Cancer need NOT be terminal” – this announcement to 20,000 Singaporeans in Spore Conference Hall in 1992 by Dr Lai Chiu Nan was a stunning surprise. Chiu-Nan Lai holds a PhD in Chemistry from MIT, then and undertook cancer research for 10 years at U of Texas Cancer Centre and found western medicine severely limited.

In 1993, Dr Lai established Lapis Lazuli Light which promotes holistic health, mind body and spirit based on the integration of Chinese and Western knowledge with natural healing principles. Taiwan-born Dr Lai is also credited for bringing Gigong to the USA.

Listen to No More Cancer – Dr Lai on July 2021

SC Lim – The Man Who Would Not Die Given just 10 weeks to live in 1981, this former Mindef Capt went on a juice fast and meditated and sought spiritual counselling and has outlived four doctors and a radiologist and oncologist who attended to him.

Mdm Fong Ah Mui – Turning to the raw veggies Bro James brought saved my life.

Fiesty Mdm Fong Ah Mui may be poor + illiterate but she dared challenge her doctor: “Doc, I listened to your advice last time…chemo and still eat meat..I saw many patients die. How can I trust you?” Even as Mdm Fong got skinnier on her plant diet, she got better without ‘Chemo’. This was 16 years ago.

Mdm Jariah 84 No more Lung Cancer, No more Diabetes + No Drugs

Meet retired police officer Mdm Jariah, 84. Four years ago 80 year-old Mdm Jariah was healed of advanced lung cancer which did not respond to chemotherapy. Her son, Juraimi Rahmat, an engineer + lifestyle coach, had put her on an organic Bruess juice diet and optimum supplements.
After she healed, Mdm Jariah stuck to a healthy vegetarian diet and recently she was told by her doctor that the insulin-dependent diabetes she had suffered from for 42 years, was gone.

The Root Causes and Triggers of All Cancers – also auto-immune, arthritis, heart diseases, allergies, all lifestyle diseases is:  “Unchecked Environmental Toxins”

Experts agree that “Protective Medicine Begins in the Soil, Air & Water.” 

“There is virtually no clean soil or water left, toxins are in all the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe. Most of today’s killer diseases are caused by environmental toxins produced by our industrial society, including agri-industrial farming.” — Dr Joseph D Weissman, specialist in preventive medicine & immunology and author of Choose to Live (1989).

You are what you eat…and breathe,” Dr David Spall who heads up Australia’s first holistic oncology (cancer) clinic in Queensland.

“Unless a miracle takes place, we will be increasingly malnourished,” Dr Ian E Brighthope, Founding president ACNEM – Australasian College for Nutritional & Environmental Medicine:

Note: Dr Brighthope was summoned by Brig-Gen Lee Hsien Loong’s doctors to consult with them when he had his first bout of Cancer – He was put up at Westin hotel and quizzed by a bevy of SG doctors but never met the patient I know because the affable Dr Brighthope told me when I met him at the World Congress for Cancer using natural therapies in Darwin in 1977. Dr Ian Lee of Biopolis & Dr Ajith Damodaran went to study with Dr Brighthope at ACNEM.

“The great increases in diseases of degeneration, such as cancer & heart disease are primarily due to the extensive use of synthetic chemicals in our daily diet, food preservatives, insecticides, pesticides, and so on.” – quote from The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), Washington DC. This non-profit organization promotes a plant-based diet.

Cancer + heart disease are responsible for the deaths of about 12,690 Singaporeans every year since 2016, page 176 Cancer Cured Naturally, (2007). 

“The Horrors of environmental pollution is a by-product of human civilisation – Agro chemicals, Vehical & Factory emissions, Processed Foods, Pharmaceuticals all produce Free & Deadly Oxygen Radicals – Prof/Dr Yuki Niwa 1997

Scans – like MRI is a very likely cause of Cancer. Dr David Servan-Schrieber was found to have brain cancer at 31. Why? David was, in early 1990s, a co-developer with two other Uni of Pittsburgh researchers of MRI scans. The students would use MRI scanners to map the brain activity of “guinea pig” students who would lie in the scanners, executing challenging mental puzzles. One night David took his place in the machine. That scan was to be a  turning point, a walnut-sized tumor was discovered in his prefrontal cortex. He was diagnosed with brain cancer at age 31.

Beau Biden (son of President Biden) died of brain cancer at age 46. Researchers traced his cancer to the US Army’s burn pits in Iraq in 2009 when Beau served as Major. Large burn pits were used by the withdrawing army to burn all waste – from paint solvents, tyres, plastics and styrofoam to batteries & electronic equipment, jet fuel often used as accellerent.

(Read more: The Burn Pits: The Poisoning of America’s soldiers by Joseph Hickman.)

Note: At the Sri Sathya Sai Solar School Thailand, Dr Art Ong Jumsai, shows visitors The 3 incinerators given by the Thai government at the start of this residential school, 30 years ago. Not a single incinerator has been used as all waste is organic and recycled!

FOOD AS MEDICINE – foundation for permanent healing.

Foods that Kill, Foods that Heal pages 202 -256

Yet, amazingly, even in 2022 mainstream cancer specialists advocate a meaty diet to keep one’s strength up to “fight the cancer”. See the SG Cancer Society’s Diet recommendation. No mention of vital importance of detox & fasting nor the proven benefits of a plant based diet, better still, living plant diet.  

Not a single cancer healing diet from many Responsible Physicians, world-wide allow meat & dairy nor do they promote soya foods:”A high-risk diet for cancer…has high fat, high cholesterol, low fibre, is salt-cured (ham & bacon), pickled charred, smoked or burnt meats, and low consumption of vitamins& minerals.” – Dr Charles B Simone, M.D & Medical Oncologist& Radiation Oncologist, author: Cancer & Nutrition

“High calorie foods such as meat, fats and dairy are bad for cancer patients and low calorie foods, including vegetables, are necessary to cut down the cancer.” Prof/Dr Yukie Niwa co-developer of SOD-like(green tea) action foods

“Diet may not be the total answer, but without a good diet, there is No Answer” –

Dr Ian Gawler (bone cancer & amputee at 26) founder of the Gawler Foundation outside Melbourne for cancer retreats – now open for sufferers of other lifestyle diseases, like MS. 

All (w)holistic cancer retreats provide healthy vegan food – also no oil, no salt & no sugar (and no soya products) 

(The Gawler Foundation has their own in-house organic-biodynamic food garden for freshest produce.)

S’PORE AIR QUALITY 2021 & CANCER DEATHS! Shanghai (Reuters) – Not a single country managed to meet the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) air quality standard in 2021, a survey of pollution data in 6,475 cities showed on Tuesday (March 22)

The WHO recommends that average annual readings of small and hazardous airborne particles known as (Particulate per Micron)PM2.5 should be no more than 5 micrograms per cubic metre after changing its guidelines last year (2021), saying that even low concentrations caused significant health risks.

In Singapore (2022), on average 5,700 people die of cancer every year and lung cancer is top killer for males. 

Singapore Straits Times May 10, 2006 – from Cancer Cured Naturally page 174

PM2.5 a Slow Killer we breathe in every day. Spore’s PM2.5 stood at an UNSAFE HIGH of 21 mcg/m3 (micrograms per cubic metre) back in 2006. With non-stop demolition of perfectly sound condos/flats along with ruthless destruction of remaining forests in 2022 our PM2.5 has surely gone through the roof!

The WHO’s earlier minimum acceptable standard was 15mcg/m3, set by the US’s Environment Protection Agency. So if no more than 5 mcg and Singapore’s is 21 mcg/m3 …HOW MANY TIMES OVER THE UNSAFE LEVEL are we living in? 

The main Airborne Pollutants – Vehicles, worst are diesel-powered buses, taxis, trucks. Factories, power plants, incinerators (some countries/cities ban incinerators) offices, homes/shopping complexes, pesticide sprays (fogging) and cigarette smoke.

“But the absolute worst cancer-causing polluter is the petro-chemical industry,”  Ralph Moss, Phd (Moss Cancer Reports). And Singapore is home to the world’s leading petro-chemical complexes. 

Cancer Winners (Thrivers) who have written books. Detox is most important before Nutritious food (as much of a living plant diet as possible.) can start to heal us.

screenshot from
Screenshot from


Note: I have personally met all of these people involved in Natural healing, especially Cancer. Some have become good friends as we are on the same MISSION. 

Dr Ajith Damodaran – Family Physician, Serangoon Central Spore. Testimony (excerpt) from Dr Ajith in Cancer Cured & Prevented Naturally: “Betty has created an important record of the vision, courage and success of many healthcare professionals and people affected by cancer. They have shown that a change of paradigm and recovery naturally is possible….our wellbeing is a sum total of all the things we have done to ourselves and the environment we live in….. 

Note: Dr Ajith has done a workshop with Dr Ian E Brighthope of Acnem: Nutritional & Environmental medicine. 

DR. VIJAENDREH SUBRAMANIAM – Meleka. MBBS (University Malaya), MRCOG (UK), Board Certified Consultant Obstetrician and Gynae-oncologist Specialist in Laparoscopic (keyhole) Surgery Member of the International Organization of Integrative Cancer Physicians (IOICP), USA. Dr. Vijaendreh Subramaniam is a Senior Consultant Gynae‐Oncologist at Mahkota Medical Center,. Was with the Ministry of Health Malaysia, where he served for 25 years in many different hospitals. Retired and joined the private sector in 2011. 


CACARE with Herbs KL & Penang: 

In Spore the NTU’s herbalists give free fresh herbs, many are common weeds, to over 75 cancer & diabetes sufferers in Spore.


Never before has there been so much hopeful information about Curing Cancer – in fact all Lifestyle diseases – naturally. 

Many (especially women) who developed cancer ended by “thanking their cancer as a wake-up call making them realise what is truly important in this life – and how a lasting cure is in our very own hands.  Be Empowered.

Footnote:  Author Betty L Khoo will be giving a real-life presentation on LOVE & NATURE Heal & Prevent Cancer & all lifestyle diseases at Kampung Senang’s Holistic Lifestyle Centre on Sunday 23rd Oct from 10.00 am – SG10/- organic vegan lunch or organic juice. Email:

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