We ARE Nature

Excerpts from Sustainable Food Trust – http://www.sustainablefoodtrust.org
Published in Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Summer 2020 Issue 125

Beauty of Swamp

The principle of beauty – beauty is inherent in the world

What we see in Nature is pleasing to the eye, but there is also great purpose
to this beauty. Everything created has a function that plays an integral part in
the success of the whole system.

The beauty in Nature is in its patterns and shapes and symmetries,
in its movements and colours, in its sounds and textures and flavours.

Observing this beauty is fundamental to creating our own beauty in the world…very important for young people – to observe and mimic Nature’s beauty in what we
Design and create.

The principal of oneness – we are Nature

Observe, listen, appreciate and be one? with nature at Starseed Tg Sutera

The final principle of Nature is the principle of oneness. Nature teaches
us that we are all one. The patterns we see around us exists in us too.
See our finger prints – they spiral round, just like the tendrils of a creeping plant .

With this understanding, we also realise that when we damage, degrade
Or pollute Nature, we do it to ourselves as well because we are wholly
Dependent on the health and well-bring of the world around us.

Our starting point therefore is to value the natural world and to treat it
with the greatest respect because it sustains us. We must educate our
young to understand, value and respect these natural resources,
and live within the carrying capacity of our world.

Betty: This is why a bio-diverse food forest-garden buzzing with pollinators
and every creepy-crawly in the soil is so very important and we must
do our very best to create it, even in our highly urbanized & high tech
Singapore – just one acre will allow us. (in We Are Nature Chatgroup)

One response to “We ARE Nature

  1. Nature. The great healer and balancer. Thats why spending time in Nature, is so essential for well-being esp in times like these with rapid shifts and shake ups for humanity


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