Mother Mary’s Messages to Connie Shaw about Earth changes

Updated! August 26, 2021

by Connie B Shaw of Colorado who, with husband Jim, has facilitated Quantum Gazing in SWAMI (Nursing) Home, Singapore for several years.

I (Betty L Khoo) bought Connie Shaw’s book, ‘Mother Mary’s Messages to the World’ in the mid 1990s. I read it and it resonated with me as the message was very similar to what my Spirit Guide Zobron said through Dan Littlewood and which I published as ‘Conversations with My Spirit Guide in 1995…but at the time the “changes were not yet to be”.

New edition published on 25 November 2021 (Photo:

Now in 2022 as we face climate changes, ever mutating Corona virus, cancer scams (about 5 million die of cancer annually ); floods, fires, Arctic ice collapse…it is vitally important for Awakened Ones to stay Calm and Centered, filled with Love and not Fear so we can HELP all in our communities. This is why Mother Mary’s Messages have been updated by Connie Shaw and will help us navigate the ‘Storms’.

“Beloved Mother Mary first appeared to me in 1980 during a banker’s conference in 1980 when, in a room of 30 colleagues, she suddenly manifested right in front of me, dressed in a white gown with a blue shawl (I was the only one who could see her)…smiling she hovered about two-feet off the floor and began to speak telepathically in a high, pure voice.

“Mother Mary informed me that I was far too serious and I needed to keep my vibration much higher and that she loved me and would help me. She tested me for 11 years …

Before she said I was dependable and would be given more service tasks in the future…

“She further said that the Saints and Angels are here now to help humanity pass through the chaotic period and to establish the New Golden Age of Peace and Plenty, wherein we will be blessed and strengthened with many Gifts of the Spirit to help people who are suffering.

“Then other Masters and Saints began to appear to me. They are Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Beloved Kwan Yin, Archangel Michael, St Walburga, Master Jesus and Gautama Buddha.

They made it very clear that we are not our ‘roles’ in this Divine Drama, but that to be given a role of Visionary Messenger, a person will have to endure many tests and trials.

We (Awakened Ones, Starseeds) should never ever seek to feel special or separate from others in any way.


How to make Contact with Masters & Angels ?

“Spend more time in prayer and meditation, by loving and serving others constantly,

And by asking to see/feel/hear specific Saints or Masters. Pray daily for those who are stressed helping the public: fire fighters, military, police, teachers, doctors & nurses, therapists – especially volunteers.

“Turn off TV, don’t watch News, Netflix etc, turn off mobile phones. Focus Inwards and not Outwards. Ask me, your loving Mother for help with your attachments to others & addictions to drugs, meat, sugar, smoking, alcohol, porn, TV. These create blocks in your bodies and emotions.

“Over the years Mother Mary has appeared several times in our home as well as outdoors on our acreage and some of the many messages/prophecies she has given are:

  1. Due to up-thrusts of the Earth, there will come, from oceans – temples, pyramids, arising to the surface from past sunken civilisations (Betty: Taoist Master in meditation on cliff-top Tg Sutera, now Sea Horizon, saw in the South China Sea, a ‘lost civilisation’ bigger than Borobudur – this is at the end of the Dinosaur Trail.)
  2. Large sea creatures will return to Sirius in their etheric bodies, their work will have been done regarding their service as emotional buffers for humanity, along with elephants, rhinos, hippos, walrus, seals, whales, dolphins.
  3. Many species of birds and animals will leave the Earth but new ones will be introduced later and eventually the Earth will be restored to its garden state.
  4. Famine and food shortages will come…so advisable TO GROW YOUR OWN FOOD…also erect greenhouses, shade and other coverings to protect crop damage due to hail, ash and wind.
  5. Learn healing and first aid skills now and practice on others!
  6. The US will be humbled with great loss of land & population. Japan will eventually sink under the Ocean.
  7. Every area of the world will see death and damage due to weather and/or bombings but none so great as coastal areas.
  8. YOU are All Heroes in the making. As we teach you, teach as many and as quickly as you can. THE SAFETY OF AN AREA DEPENDS ON THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE INHABITANTS THERE. LOVE & SERVE EACH OTHER.


9. – 23. As chaos mounts – PRAY DAILY – Guard your children in their movements, associations, viewing & listening – be Towers of Calm for your families, workplaces, neighborhoods.


And they will be met by Jesus, Mary and other Masters & Angels as they arrive on the other side. We will be given the help we need during this time of Chaos and tribulation, that precedes the Golden Age.

The majority of humanity will be homeless (due to immense storms, high winds, quakes etc), and tent cities will spread out across the US and the world. Many will leave due to illness, injuries and starvation. Angels (though unseen by most) will walk among them, helping and consoling.

PRAY Groups will spring up everywhere and MIRACLES will happen in their midst.

Ordinary people of all faiths, in the tens of thousands, will be blessing, healing, manifesting, bi-locating, raising of the dead, among many gifts of the Spirit.


As events in the outer world get more intense, miracles will accelerate and proliferate globally in stark contrast to man-created chaos. Already happening in Africa (often performed by children) in Mozambique and Brazil; in USA – Philadelphia, PA, Nashville, California beaches….

Purpose of the Great Inter-Faith Revival is to prompt people to acknowledge their sins/errors, to ask forgiveness of God and return home to Him in the heart, letting Him guide their ways, life-styles and thoughts. And to show their love for Him by serving fellow humans who are in need.

As we – the awakened – help to relieve the suffering- they too can wake up to their life’s purpose and lead peaceful loving lives, restoring the world to peace and happiness, in the awareness that each of us is Divine, in the image of our Heavenly Father.

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