How Carol brought semi-comatose husband back to Life when hospital doctors failed!


Betty Lau reports from notes in Carol Lim-Cheng’s diary. Carol is the younger sister of Susan Lim, lead singer of the Crescendos who vanished off the east coast of Malaysia, during CNY of 1970. My beloved uncle Lau Kheng Khuang, a good swimmer, also drowned. 

28 Mar. 2007 – Jimmy Cheng, 55, an advanced scuba diver was on the treadmill at the Chinese Swimming Club gym.  When he stepped off, he collapsed.  His heart had stopped and two doctors in the gym gave him CPR.  When the ambulance came with a defibrillator, Jimmy’s brain, deprived of oxygen for 20+ minutes, was irreversibly damaged. Tests showed no blocked arteries.   

28-31 Mar. – Jimmy was in ICU of Changi Hospital for 4 days before he was transferred to a normal ward.

1-22nd April Attended to by first a Cardiologist, then a rehab doctor.  He had a nose tube for feeding, a catheter to drain his urine, a bedpan for faeces and some tubes for infusion of water etc. I was at his bedside from 8am-8pm every day. Jimmy was fed canned milk, heated by microwave. During the week the physio and occupational therapists would drop in for 15 minutes each time. Weeks passed and Jimmy just got more depressed because all he did was to lie in bed, with all the tubes attached! 

Carol and Jimmy prancing one year after hospital sent him home in ambulance tubes attached!

“Discharged against Medical Advice!”  Went home in ambulance tubes still attached.

When I told the doctor I wanted to take Jimmy home, she replied that Jimmy had to stay in hospital for another month then get transferred to a Community Hospital for 3 months rehabilitation.  When I insisted, I was asked to sign papers to state that he was “Discharged against Medical Advice”.

23 April 2007 – Jimmy went home in an ambulance with nose feeding tube and catheter still attached. I had employed nurse Margaret, to help.   At our 3-storey home in the Meyer Road area, I had prepared a room downstairs, complete with hospital bed and commode toilet. 

Carol stopped all medication: prepared homemade liquid food & fresh juices (all organic, no meat)After 3 days home, nurse removed catheter, Jimmy walked into garden, peed and ran upstairs! 

When Jimmy urinated into a flower pot we were all so amused!  Then he ran up the stairs and jumped gleefully on his bed like a kid.  He didn’t want to sleep on the hospital bed any longer! 

29 April 2007 – Jimmy pulled out his nose feeding tube and we used a syringe to pump in organic soya and almond milk. Nurse Margaret left after a week.  I taught Jimmy to open his mouth whenever I put a spoon to feed him (brain-mouth connection had to be retaught). He was on homemade liquid food for a few months, + fresh fruit & veg juice, all organic.  Slowly I introduced solids.  

One month + one week: Jimmy walked unaided into Changi Hospital ! 

7 May 2007 – When I took Jimmy to the hospital for a check-up as instructed, the nurses jaws dropped because he walked in unaided (no stick) and he looked very “normal”.  

Jimmy became aggressive – Changi hospital sent him to IMH (Woodbridge hospital) 

7 May – June 2007  Jimmy began acting irrationally.  He wanted to jump down from the upstairs balcony, climb over the front gate, wander out of the house alone, got into his car and wanted to drive to work!  He began shouting and was acting aggressively, twisting my arm and hitting me on my head.  (I later learnt this was normal for “brain damaged” patients). (Could it be the Medication?[1]

6-7 June 2007 – I took Jimmy to Changi Hospital because he was getting more violent.  They gave him some sedatives and warded him for observation.  At midnight, I got a call informing me that he was being transferred to the Institute of Mental Health (Woodbridge Hospital) as he was uncontrollable. Next morning, I drove to IMH and was horrified to see Jimmy looking dazed and wearing a tattered t-shirt. He was in the free C class ward.  I got Jimmy transferred to a mixed ward, but after 3 days he was transferred to a B2 all-male gated ward because he had swiped a nurse on the face with a piece of paper and also because he was “harrassing some female patients”. 

Wife Carol became husband’s ‘Mum’ 

I told the doctor he was confused and looking for me. When I was there with him during the day he was ok, and it was only during the nights that this happened.  

15 June 2007- I got permission from the Psychiatrist to take Jimmy home.  His stay at IMH helped me to get the “Power of Attorney”, to plan our future. About 4 months after his stroke, Jimmy progressed well enough for me to take him for daily long walks. 

We walked 4-5 km every morning at East Coast Park 

13 Sept 2007 – Jimmy turned 56 and I took him to Bintan Island for an 8-day holiday at Club Med Bintan, and he enjoyed himself.

14 Dec 2007 – Nine months after the near-fatal stroke I flew with Jimmy to Australia. First to Adelaide for our son’s graduation at the University. Our daughter joined us from Brisbane. I dressed Jimmy in a suit and he looked so ‘normal’ nobody suspected he was not, haha!  After the graduation, we all went for an 8-day family holiday in Tasmania, followed by 10 days at Club Med Lindeman.

Carol brought Jimmy to Tg Sutera resort Johor. He gamely ‘walked’ the rocky 6 kms Dinosaur trail – twice! 

Another fun trip to Tanjung Sutera

Jan-June 2008 – They loved Tg Sutera and its environs and went 5 times. Carol was looking to set up home, away from highly urban Singapore and I was looking for like-minded to start Starseed Solar Village, an eco-community. Among the earliest prospects were friends who had autistic children. 

Walking the Dinosaur trail

Each visit was a ‘fun’ retreat: walks to Sedili Besar village, swimming in the open sea and exploring the Dinosaur trail, Dancing gigong and yoga (with Balakrishnan Matchup) on the cliff-top terrace of the resort. Jimmy loved prancing around with the kids – he had become so child-like. 

Carol settled on Bali as their permanent home and they moved in 2009

19-29 May 2008 – I visited Bali with Jimmy and stayed at a friend’s place in a village amid padi fields – we loved it and so I started looking for land to build a house and farm (2 acres).  

At Home in Bali

The Miracle: How did Carol, secretary then mum & home-maker, achieve what doctors – even specialists – cannot do today?. It was Carol’s spiritual core that gave her incredible inner strength; that plus her knowledge of the power of Living Plant foods and the importance of daily long walks in nature that wrought the miracle.

Carol explored many spiritual paths, learning  from each one, before settling on CAEAYARON whose name means “Builder of Light Frequencies”  website

Steps that Carol took to get Jimmy walking & talking again 

a)     Carol stopped all medication as soon as Jimmy left hospital, knowing that drugs cannot cure.

b)     Because Jimmy became like a trusting child, Carol was free to do what she believed would heal him.

c)     Many patients in hospitals, & nursing homes are told to “Rest in bed”; or sit in wheelchairs watching tv: the worst kind of advice as one loses muscle mass very quickly, also the confidence to walk!

d)     Toddlers learn to walk by learning to fall and picking themselves up.

e)     Carol knew the healing power of nature – of sunlight of deep breathing ozone-laden sea & mountain air – and Jimmy was a BSAC advanced instructor scuba diver who loved sun, sea & sand. 

So Where and When did Carol awaken to the Power of Nature & Natural Foods?

In 1995 when I spent 10 days on an organic farm in the mountains of Japan – I could taste the pure energy of the food grown there. Also, in the late 1990s my friend Wendy Yeo had an organic shop, Be Natural, and I volunteered my services, once week. I also read all of Hulda Clark’s books – Cure for Cancer, Cure for All Diseases etc. and many books about the healing properties of plants.

An empowered Carol was confident that she could do better than doctors 

Alternative therapies & TCM as adjuncts to a good diet & daily exercise 

Before we moved to Bali in Dec 2009,  Jimmy was undergoing weekly TCM and Acupuncture sessions, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Hypnotherapy. He was also on natural supplements from my Naturopath.

 I had stopped all western medication after I took him out of hospital. Besides his vegetarian and organic diet, I only allowed Jimmy steamed fish for dinner. He also drank lots of freshly made juices and herbal teas. The only “unhealthy” food he was allowed was ice-cream, which he looked forward to after dinner (like a kid!).   

Jimmy lived happily in Bali with nature, until he passed away in his sleep on 

22 April 2012: I am convinced that a healthy lifestyle and living in nature contributed to his good health as I gave him tasks to do in the farm every day. Unfortunately he never regained his full memory but he was mobile until he died and could eat, walk, go to the toilet, bathe and change clothes on his own.  

Doctors had told me he would only live for 2 years but he lived for 5, so his healthy lifestyle gave him an additional 3 good years of life.

Feb 2022: Grandma Carol loves life in Bali; no fears of Covid & no restrictions. 

When Jimmy passed away in 2012, my son came here from Adelaide “to look after me” haha! and he has been living with me here ever since. He loves farming and as an engineer, he takes care of all my electrical and plumbing problems! He married an Indonesian-Chinese girl from Yogyakarta and they have a 4-year old son.  My daughter lives in Brisbane, is married to an Aussie and has a 2-year old son.  

We love it here as there’s so much greenery and wide open spaces. The village where we live reminds me of my childhood in Singapore in the 50s where the kids still fly kites, catch fish & crabs in the drains and catch spiders too.  I am teaching my grandson to enjoy all these. 

Her farm of two acres – she called it Baliwood to rhyme with best schoolfriend Ivy Singh-Lim’s Bollywood – is maintained by a full-time Balinese gardener, plus a part-time gardener. But now in her early 70s, Carol is planning to downsize to a more manageable one-acre plot and her 2-acre farm with 4 ensuite bedrooms, swimming pool, ricefield and more than 40 mature fruit trees is for sale at a very reasonable price.

Carol has also blended with the Balinese and their culture to an even greater degree than most expats who call Bali home. When Mount Agung was rumbling and spewing ash in 2017, many expats flew home (mostly to Australia), Carol stayed because  she was not afraid and sent energies of Love to the volcano instead and helping the thousands of Balinese who had to be evacuated from their homes near the erupting volclano.

Note: Betty Lau Khoo-Kingsley is the author of Cancer Cured & Prevented Naturally 2007/2009 with reviews/testimonies by several open-minded doctors and in 2020; wrote & self-published Grow Young & Healthy Naturally with reviews by two doctors: Dr Romy Parades of Cebu MD co-author of Transformation Medicine & Dr Hiramalini Seshadri MD author of the Saience of Medicine and many more Sai-inspired books. 

[1] Drug-Induced Psychotic Symptoms from Erratic behaviour sometimes violent and/or dangerous…use of many substances can result in psychotic behaviour. I have also personally witnessed such behaviour in an autistic teenager and in a woman prescribed psychiatric drugs from the time she was in the 30s to her 70s. 

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  1. Wonderful narration Betty. Carol is my younger sis. She had a hard time caring for Jimmy but she took it all in her stride, and did her best to teach him how to live again with a ‘5 yr old brain’. She deserves an easier more hsppy life now as a ‘widow’


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