Yoke Moi Self-healed Breast Cancer 22 Years Ago

No to op, chemo, radio T after seeing her mother died — with all the pricey treatments in a famous KL hospital — of liver cancer.

Yoke Moi at Starseed Eco-House (Sedili Besar)

Mother-of-five, Low Yoke Moi was a high-achieving Insurance agent when diagnosed with breast cancer. She immediately quit work to focus on healing naturally. Besides seeing her mother die painfully, Yoke had awoken to the toxicity of foods (meat, seafood, even fruit & veg), we consume every day when she attended Dr Lai Chui Nan’s talk in KL a decade ago.

Yoke was convinced that if she opted for the medical route, she’d be subjecting her body to more toxins. What Dr Lai shared with her rapt audience was not just the root causes of cancer but the easy natural cures: food fresh and organic, Non-GMO and vegetarian.

So overnight feisty Yoke turned from selling life insurance to selling organic whole foods with a vegetarian cafe for people to have healthy, affordable meals. Yoke Moi also went on many detox & energise retreats abroad; she drove with husband Loo to Starseed Sedili Johor and often swam in the natural hot springs outside KL.

A-type Yoke Moi also knew that the emotional-spiritual aspects must be addressed or healing will not be complete.

Healing water

Breast cancer meant unresolved emotional issues. Although Yoke was a lip-service Taoist, overnight the tough career woman with supportive husband Loo, turned to praying, chanting and giving compassionate service to all who came their way. Their bungalow was ‘open house’ to stressed young people .

The couple also help needy devotees at the Taoist temple near their home and shop in Taman Desa KL.

Their five children were brought up on vege organic food. Eldest daughter Reese sends her children to a Waldorf kindy while daughter Vivien, nutritionist, runs the organic shop.

When I (Betty) stayed with Yoke Moi in 2019, she brought me to a 3-acre farm with cottage where her super fit, 89 year-old father Leow (no medication) planned to live among his durians and Orang Asli friends. And Yoke also made plans to live with dad.

But it was not to be. Great grandpa Leow had a fall and passed away, just short of his 90th birthday.

As Yoke empowered herself to heal her cancer with love, nutrition and service…she also lost her fears of being robbed. “We are the only house, a double-storey bungalow with unlocked gates that is also open house for stressed young people.

*Three organic farms in the vicinity of KL send their fresh produce to Green Bamboo Organic. They also have a thriving home food garden beside their driveway.

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