“IF Ivermectin from me saved just ONE life, it is worth it (the consequences)” – Dr Amir Farid Isahak

And the consequences? MOH raided his Kuala Lumpur clinic for prescribing an unregulated anti-parasitic drug to prevent C0VID 19 (Malay Mail 16/06/21)

So who is Dr Amir Farid? Why did he bravely (recklessly?) not only prescribe this medication to his patients but their family, close friends and their families and friends who also want to be protected?

Dr Amir Farid Celebrates Unity in (Bio)Diversity at the Pure Life Society, hosted by Mother Mangalam: Peak Wan, myself and Sis Muliani

He wrote: “the C0VID-19 situation here (Malaysia) now is very bad with too many people dying*…reports from other countries (USA, India and Philippines) have shown Ivermectin to be effective in reducing C0VID infections and severity, I accept that the 58 scientific studies done so far are sufficient to prove its effectiveness….therefore I acted according to my Conscience…..saving lives is more important than being afraid of the law…” 

Thankfully, Dr Amir-Farid is not alone in his belief in Ivermectin.

Immediately following a hugely successful online IVERMECTIN WORKS Forum  (from 300 to 2,000 – also on facebook live) hosted by the Malaysian Alliance for Effective Covid Control (MAECC) on (21/06/21) viewers watched, besides Dr Amir Farid, also Malaysian Doctors…Capt Dr Wong, Prof Chong, Prof/Dr Mustafa, Dr Vijendren, Dato Dr Selvam (who highlighted importance of Nutrition in prevention).

We also watched Dr Hosan Lim from Quezon city, Philippines who said, “with IVM we see a drastic improvement and just within 24 to 48 hours.” 

Finally Dr Lenny de Costa from India. All endorse Ivermectic as Successful, Safe and Cheap. 

Immediately following this, The Malaysia Alliance for Effective Covid Control (MAECC), in a press conference, is urging the government to fast track use of Ivermectin …”as the scientific data for Ivermectin is ‘extremely compelling’ .. 

“In addition, the latest systematic review and meta-analysis study on Ivermectin published in the American journals of Therapeutics on June 17, 2021; used prophylactically, could reduce C0VID-19 infection by 86%. Large reductions in deaths are possible, used early could reduce numbers progressing to severe disease….”

The MAECC warned: “It will be unethical if C0VID-19 patients are not allowed the right to be treated with Ivermectin, particularly so if they meet an untimely end.”

“As medical and healthcare professionals and researchers, we are sworn to the Hippocratic Oath..we are also joined by civil society groups that share our concerns.”

“It is UNETHICAL to insist on more (local) clinical trials in the light of available data on the efficacy of Ivermectin at all stages of Covid-19.”

This avalanche of scientific findings surely exonerates Dr Amir Farid – But why was he so gung-ho? Why go out on a limb, alone?  

Soul Brothers: Dr Amir Farid (in Peace Tshirt) and Dato Alan Yong – lead Earth Healing Retreat at Lucky Valley, Nov 2018…Both are Qigong Masters and much more….

Because Dr Amir-Farid Isahak is no ordinary medical specialist… In Grow Young and Healthy Naturally (2020)[1], Dr Amir Farid shares his incredible 20 plus year journey from mainstream medical specialist to Guolin Gigong and Reiki Master and also practitioner of nutritional and wholistic medicine. 

In Dr Amir Farid’s own words in his Art of Healing columns in The Star (extracts)

“Like other doctors I went through medical school (Australia, Singapore and UK-accredited) where we were taught the current model of medicine — stubbornly adhering to established paradigms, methods and therapies……some of these are not true or don’t work….”

He cited “a large scale study on the effectiveness of chemotherapy that was published in the journal Clinical Oncology 2004 (16:549-560). The study looked at patients who survived more than five years after diagnosis and treatment and concluded: overall, chemo contributes just over 2% to improved survival in Australia and USA…

He found more such studies and concluded that “only about 7% of all patients who undergo chemo actually benefit…but they all suffered debilitating and often worsening effects”

“In my opinion modern medicine has been hijacked by the drug industry …many drugs prescribed for chronic diseases like Diabetes and Hypertension do not aim to cure…only to ‘control’…patients will need increasing doses as disease worsens; amputation, often dialysis…until death”

“All this spurred me to relook into how I was helping my patients. I did not study medicine to be a legal, glorified drug pusher…but for two decades I too was Guilty. 

 “As a gynaecologist, I was guilty of prescribing many drugs…as those were the accepted, recommended therapies for women’s problems….Often I had to prescribe HRT Oestrogen to menopausal women … many gained weight and later developed other health problems…

“My suspicions (about safety of HRT) was confirmed when I read a book about natural hormones written by Dr John Lee of the USA. …I began using these natural hormones, and my practice and perception of the medical industry was changed forever.”

But on this new path, Dr Amir faced insults and scorn from his peers. (Which explains why he made the unilateral decision to prescribe IVM.) 

However, destiny had another path for the disillusioned doctor. 

Fateful Encounter: Muslim Doctor meets Qigong Master from China 

And this Qigong Master was a colon cancer sufferer who, despite undergoing all medical treatments (30 years ago), was given only six months to live!

Dr Amir Farid recounts: “Sifu created his own healing miracle. He went to Beijing and learned Guolin Qigong. Within one year he was cancer free. I learned from him and together with several of his students, we founded the Guolin Qigong Association, Malaysia. I served as founding President for six years.”

Then Dr Amir Farid discovered that he was now gifted with ‘healing hands’ and soon cancer stricken patients were clamoring for him. But they became overly dependent on him and so he began to teach self-healing DIY qigong.

This, Dr Amir combined with his growing awareness of the vital role nutrition plays in healing; mind-body-spirit and he began to look into all aspects of his patients’ lives – i.e. their lifestyle. But over the course of the next decade, he had to discharge some patients, because they would not/could not change their lifestyle…they wanted a magic bullet (super pill, super herb or surefire therapy).

The now nutritionally-oriented Dr Amir began writing a series of articles in the Star ( available online) on ‘Healthy & Responsible Farming’, Organic and Biodynamic farming, the Spirituality of Farming – Permaculture, Agnihotra and Homa farming.

Together with educationist Dato Alan Yong – he went to India and learned Sun Yoga; Dr Amir also led cancer patients on healing retreats to the ocean (East Coast of Johor).  

Soon his role expanded into another dimension – as Peace-maker. 

Dr Amir wrote: “ Mahatma Gandhi said that we must be the change we want to see in the world…peace begins with us so, as Inter-Faith leader (INSAF), the Peace-maker Dr Amir travelled to many countries …with the Buddhist Amitabha group…studied the basic teachings of Confucious in Anhui; stayed at many Catholic retreats throughout the world; with the Chogye Buddhist monks in South Korea; danced with the Hare Krishna devotees at Mayapur, India and the Brahma Kumaris in UK….in virtually all these retreats, the food served was vegetarian and Dr Amir reminds Muslims that Prophet Mohammed was 90% vegetarian.

And he laments that though Malaysia is blessed with an abundance of fruits and veggies, which means we can prevent many diseases the natural way, “unfortunately, many are suffering from chronic degenerative diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes, which reflect a very poor diet (processed foods & high meat intake) and sedentary lifestyle.”

Dr Amir Farid – Demos how our diet & lifestyle leads to ‘LACK of LIFE FORCE’ – Vitality! 

And such a diet and lifestyle leads, Dr Amir demonstrated, to our lack of life force (qi, prana, energy) so crucial to our regaining health and vitality.

It was in June 2004 (year of the Tsunami) that Dr Amir was invited to the Lucky Valley in Pahang, Malaysia, a sacred space where pyramids had been built over vortexes.

After a strenuous hike, Dr Amir entered the Energy Pyramid and nothing, he recounts, prepared him for what was going to happen. He started feeling the qi-energy swirling and he allowed my body to be moved by it…gradually the slow clockwise spin, became faster and faster (much like a whirling, dervish Sufi dance)..with his arms stretched out. 

He spun to the centre of the vortex and then (because he wore socks), he slipped and fell. “ I felt mildly giddy but when I promptly got up…I felt good and energized.”

“The Energy Pyramid demonstrates the immense role of the sixth element – qi or life force – on our bodies and all life forms,” so Dr Amir began his research into Metaphysics and this led him to the work of Anton Bovis – a French archeologist-physicist who, over 60 years ago, found, within the Pyramids of Egypt, an energy phenomenon which he called ‘Life Force’ (aka biophotons) and he invented a scale (Bovis scale) which could also measure the life force within food and water.”

Bovis Scale gives scientific evidence of how Qigong Cures Cancer 

…those who practice consistently build up their qi (this is the magic bullet) and are able to cure cancer.  All movements involving the breath; tai chi, yoga, silat will do the same, with consistent daily practice of up to four hours (with breaks). 

In the park, by the sea, lake or forest – not in a gym.

Such practices, combined with a 90% living plant diet, pure water and sunlight= of 40 minutes (daily) will ensure our immune system functions at peak and will be above to prevent and overcome any sickness. 


Such times present us with opportunities to re-look at our lives, our priorities and our goals. We, as ONE Human Family, need spiritual healing to restore our respect for Life, Nature and the Universe

Those of us who believe in a personal GOD can return to (practice) His teachings, and the teachings of the prophets and the saints. Unbelievers and atheists will find guidance in the teachings of wise philosophers and thinkers.

Together we shall explore where we have gone wrong and what we can do to heal ourselves. All spiritual masters teach us that the solutions to all our problems lie within us.  

The key to unlock them is Wisdom. To acquire Wisdom, we need spiritual knowledge and spiritual training to awaken and activate our spiritual Heart. And there is no better time than NOW to activate and save ourselves and our world – 

Dr Amir Farid penned and delivered this talk in 2013 when he was invited as a speaker for a Holistic Health Symposium in Singapore, organized by Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation.

It is more than ever relevant today as we face Covid and Climate Change challenges.

GYHN Front Cover Book[1] Grow Young and Healthy Naturally. To purchase an eBook version, please go to https://bettylkhookingsley.selz.com/
The physical book is available in Singapore at Kampung Senang HLC (Blk 106 Aljunied Crescent) and Lapis Lazuli Light (Blk 201 Hougang St 21).

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