FEAR – We are Victims!

A consequence of the un-natural foods we eat, grown in soils poisoned with chemical fertilisers!

Excerpt from article by Kathrin Dakin in Biodynamic Newsleaf , Sept 1995

In NATURE – animals/insects use camouflage to protect themselves against Predators. Humans don’t use camouflage – and (ideally) we should arm ourselves with trust, judgement and intelligence.

But do we realize how we have become Victims of Fear! Fear of Sickness. And to ‘protect’ ourselves, we have brought in systems such as ‘Money for Insurance’, Immunisation! Yet we can’t escape the underlying lack of confidence. Why?

When Justus von Liebig, father of Chemical Fertilising taught us how we can improve plant growth by adding water soluble nutrients to the soil, this changed the farmer’s perception of natural farming…. By using chemical fertilisers farmers could supersize their crops! But it brought with it, loss of microbes and etc in the soil, loss of natural balance and therefore (natural) resistance to pests.

Slowly, this new science opened a fissure in our souls, into which Fear has crept. So being afraid of loss of crops (i.e. Income), agri-farmers began routine use of an arsenal of chemical fertilisers and pesticides (by-products of petroleum!)- from seed (with fungicide) to bud and fruit and post harvest too. All spinning money into agri-biz companies. (Taken to the extreme, e.g. in India, farmers go bankrupt and farmer suicides are annually in the thousands! )


“SIRSIWALA, India — Randhir Singh was already deeply in debt when the coronavirus pandemic struck. Looking out at his paltry cotton field by the side of a railway track, he walked in circles, hopeless. In early May, he killed himself by lying on the same track. “This is what we feared,” said Rashpal Singh, Mr. Singh’s 22-year-old son, choking back tears in his family home in Sirsiwala, a small village in the northern Indian state of Punjab. “The lockdown killed my father.”


“7 Jan 2021 — India has some of the highest farmer suicide rates in the world, with more than 10,000 deaths each year…”

Farmers today have lost all connection with Nature…ploughing the fields in their airconditioned tractors…he no longer knows that the vibrant mantle of plant life (and health) lies between heaven and earth, as he entirely focuses on the treatment of the soil.

He is unaware that the earth breathes in all sorts of substances and trace elements from the air, from the sunlight, from storms and rains and planetary influence.

But Justus von Liebig, father of chemical agriculture, at the end of his life wrote before his death in a scientific journal:

“I have sinned against the wisdom of the Creator and, justly, I have been punished. I wanted to improve his work because, in my blindness (Ego) I believed that a link in the astonishing chain of laws that govern and constantly renew life on the surface of the earth had been forgotten. It seemed to me that weak and insignificant man had to redress this oversight.”

Reuters / Eduardo Munoz  © Reuters

Russia: 2015 “We won’t poison our people with GM foods”

In 2015, President Putin spoke openly in opposition to GM and stated that Russia will become the world’s largest supplier of organic produce. In July 2016, the Russian State Duma finalised a bill banning the use of GM in plant or animal growth which was signed into law by Putin.

This makes Russia the foremost country in the world that is extolling organic produce on at international, national and state level. Russian agricultural minister Nikolai Fyodorov went as far as to say they will not “poison our citizens” by utilising GM technology.

Why? Because Organic production respects natures systems, and this makes the Russian situation fascinating, as it sits in stark opposition to the proliferation of GM agriculture in the United States!

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