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  • CUBA! Homestay hospitality with a heart.

    From boutique homestays in Havana to rustic country-houses, it’s an experience that brings one to the heart of a people who are full of joy. Why are they happy? Starseed Betty L Khoo-Kingsley reports Betty (centre) with homestay host in Playa Laga (in orange) and her helper. Isn’t Cuba a communist country with first Fidel, […]

  • The day I was robbed and dragged across the road outside Sai Baba’s Temple…

    And received an outpouring of loving care, and donations from many strangers! It was a pre-dawn morning…I had set out alone from the women’s college to the Ashram in Whitefield, Bangalore. I had walked this path alone at pre-dawn and after-dark everyday for the past week, and had no fears. Suddenly, a figure sprang out […]

  • Batty’s Squawk: Undoctored Truths

    Teen Azizul’s legs blown off by Landmine: We are all Guilty  See this picture in ST’s World: Sept 15, 2017. Madam Rashida Begum at the bedside of her son Azizul Haque. The 15-year-old had lost both his legs when he stepped on a landmine as the family fled their village, the Burmese military in ruthless […]