Batty’s squawk addresses our anxiety, anger and anguish…

Aging Singaporeans are urged to get Medishield, ElderShield…

Well, I have No Medishield, No ElderShield and No Worries!

As an antique Singaporean (74) I am told that I should worry about my future. Why? I was born at an age before pampers (we had chemical-free diapers) and I am certainly going to die, on my feet, without adult pampers!

Isn’t this simply wishful thinking? No! Ever since I learned the awesome power of re-programming my mind from my son Adam Khoo, I have released all fears. Adam is a motivational trainer and his Patterns of Excellence book and programs are based on NLP – the science of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

It’s called self-care, aka self risk-management. And it’s so empowering!

A solo 4km swim in the ocean – fully clothed!

We are buying and paying hefty premiums to insurance companies for medi-this and medi-that schemes (all to part us from our shrinking dollars), and if we ever need it, the wily insurance guys will make sure they are able to wiggle out of whatever claims are made.

So, I take pride and pleasure in DIY ways to grow younger, healthier, happier – naturally! (Watch for my mini-book: Grow Younger, Naturally!)

First thing. Don’t let Big Pharma and the ‘Sickness Promotion Board’ scare you silly. The worry will trigger the release of toxic hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) and this in turn is known to activate cancer.

Yet we, the ‘Silver Tsunami’ generation are told to go for mammoscams–oops I think they mean mammograms! To go for PAP smears (I avoid PAP smears by keeping my activist mouth shut)! Go for treadmill, colonoscopy, biopsy if we have growths; warts, moles, lumps!

Well, I have not gone for a single mammogram, nor a PAP smear…and none of the other tests either. All of which PRM (Physicians for Responsible Medicine: Canada & USA) warn, can trigger cancer.

Why? Look at it this way. You have a growth, it’s nature’s way of encapsulating the toxins in a sac otherwise known as a tumour. We are full of toxins because we have polluted our planet, our soils, seas, and air – big-time.

So what happens if metal-plates compress (mammogram), or a long needle pokes (biopsy) that lump? Of course it will burst and all of the toxins will spill out and your lymphatic system and blood vessels will carry the toxins, cancer cells, throughout the body.

Actually we can live with the lump. Better still go for gentle, non-invasive detox programs (retreats in nature – eating fresh fruits, veggies and herbs) that will shrink the tumour and let the toxins discharge from all our organs of excretion, including our skin!

Linda Chan-Chew, 75, one of my forever-youthful friends, was talked into going for a mammogram by a female friend when she was 60. The bus-stop ads urging women to go for mammograms appeared so authoritative.

Linda did, and six months later she began to bleed from her nipple. She had an operation and was offered a new chemo drug – for free. But Linda had been a volunteer in a hospice for several years and the warnings by women dying of cancer after mutilating treatments, chemo and/or radiotherapy, rang in her ears.

She gave away the chemo drug to a woman queuing to pay for the same medicine. Linda turned to food as medicine, and now 13 years on she is a cheerleader example of a woman living life to the full as a cancer befriender.

As for me, besides enjoying my mostly ‘living plant diet’ from my healing garden in a kampung in Johor; barefoot walks on sand, and swims in the ocean, my volunteering to care for nature and our beloved planet keeps me purposeful and fulfilled.

The Starseed Eco community house.

What if I get sick? What if I fall and get injured? Well I have an arsenal of home remedies, plant and ghee & ash, that have healed a cut so bad that blood spurted everywhere. Lately when I had pains in my knees, I just walked it out.

Hosting a Singapore ladies group in Starseeds Healing Garden.

I do not have a medicine cabinet in my eco-home. If you are still doubtful about self-care and self risk management google to read ‘Deadly Medicine and Organised Crime’ by David Gotzsche Schwartz M.D. This Danish physician, co-professor and author urges us to drop the ‘pill for every ill’ habit or you will surely end up as a victim of the growing sickness industry.

• Detox in Singapore – join Kampung Senang’s Holistic Lifestyle Centre’s programs and savour yummy vegan good food. (Kampung Senang is a charity & education foundation based in Singapore).

2 responses to “Batty’s squawk addresses our anxiety, anger and anguish…”

  1. Love your passion Betty- my family are totally vegan these day and my children now raw vegan as well- it’s a lifestyle l would recommend to everyone!
    When we sat at the Berry Springs Hall probing the front cover of your book: food as medicine all those years ago l wasn’t quite ready to hear your wise words- they ring true now 🙏🏼❤️


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