I live! breathe, eat, drink, medicate with Cow Poo! Debunking pop media on the supposed ‘dangers of cow dung!’

Where do I begin to tell the story of how great cow poo is? Magical cow dung has got me to enjoy vibrant health at age 77 (after years of TB and poisoning my body with satay & steak).

It all started when I went with Richard Kingsley to live in Darwin-rural in 1994 and, from glam lifestyle editor in Singapore, I morphed into dirt-girl-gardener! Joining Biodynamic Australia, I learned to pick up raw cow manure, stuff it into cow horns, bury them for two months, dig them up and use the transformed poo as a catalyst that brings life back to dead and poisoned soils.

Back in Singapore, in the early 1990s, Biodynamic guru from New Zealand, Peter Proctor flew up to teach for free, enroute to India, to seed biodynamic farming. At the Singapore Zoo, and also on Pulau Ubin, Nature Society members gathered to help Proctor make Biodynamic composts. That’s how we learned that plants grown in soil sprinkled with transformed cow poo at sunset is a formula for producing food that’s nutritionally superior to all other produce!

Bernard Harrison of the Singapore Zoo led the way to the Zoo’s theatre for Peter Proctor’s talk on Biodynamics.

This is why Anthroposophical[1] hospitals in Germany, besides non-invasive treatments, patients and staff are served biodynamic vegetarian meals in beautiful surroundings: truly Food as Medicine!

In 2010, I got to learn Agnihotra and Homa farming where, once again, cow dung is the secret ingredient!

Practicing Agnihotra
Medicine woman Ajuntha sharing about Agnihotra

Dried cow patties, burnt at sunrise and sunset, transforms the health of people, animals, plants and Planet. An ancient Vedic science, Agnihotra was revived in the early 1970s by Shree Vasant[2] for these polluted times.

Our teachers were Frits & Lee Ringma from Omshreedham, Australia. In Singapore, Kampung Senang’s Holistic Lifestyle members gathered to sit by the healing fires. Participants learned how cow patties stacked in a copper pyramid with ghee and burned, precisely at sunrise and sunset, will heal our minds, sick bodies and the surrounding atmosphere.

The resultant Ash is both antiseptic and anti microbial and Monika Koch, a German pharmacologist[3], demonstrates how it is used as medicine for humans, animals and plants. Architect Soh WH, a firm believer in Agnihotra ash-as-medicine, showed us how to brew ash eye-drops – and I added that to my range of ash medicines. (Screenshot from Youtube video)

Since I learned Agnihotra (2010) and how to make ash medicines, I have needed no other medication. Even when I had an open wound, a cut that needed stitching (and couldn’t get to a clinic), I just used ash and ghee balm, after washing the wound with water. I do not have any antiseptic in my home. This same balm is also my moisturizer!

In Malaysia our Agnihotra & Homa farming guru is retired teacher, Alan Yong, 79. Although Sifu Alan leads Agnihotra (also Sun Yoga, Tai Chi, various forms of Qigong), he has invited other teachers from abroad to teach this Vedic science.

Besides, Lee & Frits Ringma from Australia, there have been Dr Purushottam[4] from Shivpuri, Akkalkot, India. An Ayurvedic doctor, this young man is also revered as a ‘Guru’ as he is the grandson of Shree Vasant, the ‘Light Being’ who was sent to revive Agnihotra in 1972.

Then there is also Abel Hernandez and Aleta Macan[5] from South America. The biggest followers of Ayurveda are from South America where group Agnihotra gatherings, indoors and outdoors are huge! But many also – like me, practice regularly alone.

No half measures for Dato Alan; he has a 100-acre Homa farm in Lanchang, Pahang where every cow has a name! They graze on grass and produce the dung that is made into patties for our Agnihotra practice.The fruit trees – jackfruit, soursop, coconut were all fertilized by the manure from the cows as well as potentised ash from Agnihotra fires, so doubly nutritious. (But future of the farm since Covid movement controls, is now uncertain.)

Then, over in India, Aaron Kidd, an Australian Agnihotris whose mother was the secretary of the Biodynamic Association Inc in Australia, proudly shows the abundant produce in Tapovan, a Homa organic farm in India. This farm is home to Australians, Aaron, Anne and Bruce.

Screenshot: http://homafarming.com/tapovan-homa-rooftop-garden/

Note too that Rudolf Steiner PhD, Austrian philosopher-educator, the founder of Anthroposophy (Spiritual Science) taught European farmers the potency of cow manure in 1924, and this has come to be known as Biodynamic agriculture.

Fast forward to mid 1990s and we see Peter Proctor seeding Biodynamics in India’s Indore Institute, transforming the organic soil that decades of petroleum-based fertilisers and pesticides had ruined. Thanks to Proctor who was 69, had one glass eye (a farming accident) Indian farmers rallied to save their soils and seeds and every year a few hundred thousand cow horns are buried, to be used as catalyst for healing soil. When Peter Proctor passed away in his sleep, age 89, back in hometown in New Zealand, he was buried with full honours in a cow-pat pit, lovingly prepared by widow Rachel and their many friends.

Trailer: One Man, One Cow, One Planet, documentary on Peter Proctor, 80 year-old NZ farmer who promotes organic and biodynamic farming to save us and the world.[6]

While skeptics pooh pooh the magical properties of cow dung (from grass-grazing cows), there is much anecdotal evidence that even being close to cows – to their breath – is healing. 

On my visits to Krishna cow farm in Malaysia Ms Yee Foo, who makes cow patties for her livelihood, would take me up to the mountainside where cows graze free – and a couple of cows would come right up and try to lick us. Though I didn’t mind a cow breathing over me, its sticky tongue is as big as a dinner plate!

And believe it or not! Ms Yee’s favourite place for a nap is lying down in the cow shed (after it’s been hosed down), with her head on a cow’s belly. “So comforting,” she sleepily says.


[1] Anthroposophy, founded by Rudolf Steiner phd. means Spiritual Science – it’s parallel to Ayurveda, which means Science of the Spirit.
[2] “Shree Vasant is the messenger of the sacred: He is a Light Being sent to this planet to guard and guide the restoration of the planet’s natural resources.” — Orion.
[3] Monika Koch (German Pharmacist) at https://youtu.be/uCXiH0f2PQg
Download her book on Homa Therapy for people, plants & Planet at https://homatherapy.de/linked/buch_eng.pdf
[4] Dr Purushottam of Vishwa Foundation: “We are guardians of this Mother Earth – not consumers. We can find happiness if the world around us is harmonious….When we help those around us find happiness and become contributors to the betterment of the world, we will truly be happy”
[5] Dr Abel Hernandez and Aleta Macan – Agnihotra and Homa Therapy at https://www.agnihotra.org
To see the latest international Homa News please use following link: https://www.homa1.com/noticias/boletines.htm
[6]One Man, One Cow, One Planet – Life in the Right Direction
17 Dec 2013 https://www.cloudsouth.co.nz/shop/one-man-one-cow-one-planet/ Read one of the film reviews at https://www.evolvingwellness.com/post/movie-review-one-man-one-cow-one-planet

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  1. Congrats! Very well written article on your recovery journey. Glad that you now enjoying your vibrant health.


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