Life, Love, Earth Changes and Soul’s Purpose – Messages from Spirit guides for our FUTURE

What would Spirit say about Scholar-Military Rulers?
Leading with heads not hearts…
Back in Plato’s time – it was philosopher-rulers[1] who guided
Nations – with wise hearts rather than hard heads.
But Singapore in the 1960s-70s became so besotted with
Technology that scholars were hot-housed to become leaders;
So where are we today?

“Violence, Corruption, Greed, Cruelty
Ultimately will destroy itself,
Feed upon itself until it is no more
But Love feeds upon itself and grows stronger
And multiplies…
“These were the lessons that the great prophets
that walked upon the lands attempted to show
Mankind but they did not heed…

Excerpts from Conversations with My Spirit Guide 1995

Conversations with my Spirit Guide (out of print) is a series of messages channelled by Dan Littlewood to Starseed Betty Lau-Khoo-Kingsley in 1994. Contact:

How did we come to lose our way?

“There was a Moment when there was a Oneness.
There were no questions but a total acceptance
Humankind saw themselves as part of the total,
They recognized and they honored the contribution
That each life form made.
“They honored the Earth upon which they walked
They cared for it….
And then humankind came to understand
That they had a great power, that they had been given
a great gift (free will);
That they themselves had the power of creation
That they could create with their words
And manifest with their thoughts.
And when they recognized this,
They saw themselves greater than that
Which created them and
They turned their backs upon Life.”
“And they sought to dominate all things.
And in so doing they sowed the seeds of
their own destruction.

“Our use of technology to tear resources from the Earth is bringing the biosphere to the brink of collapse. We are a species out of harmony with Nature, gone berserk in the indulgence of our desires at the expense of other living beings and the Earth that has given us Life” – Dr John Mack, Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School.

“But Planet Earth is part of the Universe
And part of the harmony of the Universe.
Now, even that harmony is threatened for,
If the Planet (Earth) dies, it creates Chaos in the
And so the Guardians now reach out…”

“The Guardians – Extra Terresterials aka ETs/Aliens – the info that UFO abductees receive is with the fate of Earth in the wake of nuclear war, pollution, toxic clouds.. Abductees have been shown apocalyptic images of Earth literally cracked open…scenes in which some people will die, others will survive in some way on Earth, and still others will be transported to where human life will continue in a new way.” From Abduction – Human Encounters with Aliens, Prof/Dr John Mack, 1994.[2]

Norlinda(right) and author

Betty narrates: 1995-1996, whilst participating in a Spiritual circle in rural Australia – facilitated by Veronica Mclintyre, Euro-Aboriginal lawyer, I had a momentous encounter with a young woman (Norlinda). While we were meditating in the darkened room, we heard loud sobs. When Veronica switched the lights back on, she told us that a young woman had seen tragic images of Mother Earth being destroyed by greedy humans (developers/miners/investors); she told us to give each other a hug. The ‘sobbing’ woman came right up to me…and said, “You used to live in Parbury Avenue…you have a son called Adam!”
I was stunned!
She smiled: I was the little Malay girl who lived opposite your house in Parbury Avenue (circa 1970s); she, Norlinda, had gone to Armidale University, Australia graduating in linguistics! Coincidence…no, much more!
Norlinda said: ‘Spirit’ told me to ask you to teach me organic gardening…
So I invited her and her husband Christian- and their two boys – to our farm, StarSeed Sanctuary in Berry Springs, Darwin Rurul. We met again – at Vipassana Meditation retreat in Darwin rural. Then two years ago, a re-union in Singapore where Norlinda regularly returns to visit family and former classmates.

2021 – Climate Catastrophe, COVID & Wall Street plunges…

Spirit speaks:

“It has been said many times…for an individual to change their life, they must change their thinking. This, you know. If Mankind follows their projected thoughts, (i.e tame Covid, restore consumer spending and the economy), then the outcome is inevitable”.

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPPC – 1994 foresaw a spread of tropical diseases, dying forests and dwindling harvests.

“Even the Conflict, even the Brutality, even the Bestiality – is a direct reflection of individuals’ ( a collective) projected thought. It is the process that they have chosen to experience…”

But how can I survive in this material world?”

“You cannot…but you can live in the Universe.
You chose (incarnated) to walk in a physical-material world.
You are entitled to its benefits. But only when it is in harmony
With all other things……
When once again the Physical and the Spiritual become the One”
A New Beginning…. Nothing will be as it is.
Every facet of society will change – ecologically, physically, socially
For you see, nothing is separate. Nothing is in isolation..”

Live as a ‘Conscious Being”

“You have concern for those you Love.
Replace that concern with Love, turn the fear into Hope
See the path before them brightly lit.
See that their every need is known
See them walking in the light of happiness, and it will be so.

“For such is the power of love, pure love.
The love that asks nothing, that is freely given…
The love of life, all life, and every specie of life
Of the known and the unknown.”

Aliens’ – a plea to be heard

“Mortal kind speaks of Aliens. How foolish!
There are life forms, a form of life beyond
the intellectual understanding
That yearn to be heard, yearn to be embraced,
Yearn to be understood,
as You yearn to be understood.”

No life is humble. All life is precious”

“The Planetary-environmental crisis looks hopeless when viewed only from the physical, or form level…but Nature is not a blind force; She is a conscious one that works through inner essences and energy fields. Nature can be of major assistance if we learn to co-operate with them (Devas, Angels) consciously….” – Spiritual Politics – Changing the World from the Inside Out; Corrine MacLaughlin and Gordon Davidson – with a foreword by the Dalai Lama, 1994.[3]

“…in the end we must restore a balance within ourselves, between who we are and what we are doing” – Al Gore. From Earth in the Balance – Ecology & the Human Spirit , 1979. See also An Inconvenient Truth – A true Planetary Emergency, 2006.


Follow Your Heart ….

The knowing are coming together.
Each to give strength and direction to the other.
Each have their part of play…”


Clearwater Chekinewa speaks

“Many warriors travel with you…
This is the time of the Pilgrims…
The time will come when Brother will go to the aid of Brother
And Sister will embrace Sister
When once again the Old Truths will be revealed…
And the children will be held as precious…..
Our Mother (Earth) will grow strong
And once again the forests will cover her Breasts
And once again the Eagles will fly in her Heavens”


[1] Plato wrote the ideal republic in 375 BC. The ideal of a philosopher-king was born in Plato’s dialogue Republic…the philosophers will use their knowledge of goodness and virtue to help others. Very different from the scholar-general.

[2] Dr John Mack, Prof of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School. Many of those he interviewed for Abductees book reported that their encounters had affected the way they regarded the world, including producing a heightened sense of spirituality and environmental concern.

[3] Spiritual Politics: Looking to ancient wisdom for answers to today’s social, economic and environmental ills, Mclaughlin & Davidson, co-founders of the New Synthesis Think Tank and the Sirius Ecological Community offer a new paradigm of transformational politics: to change the world from the inside out. (“We must transform ourselves if we intend to transform the world.”) In uniting politics with spirituality, the authors describe their concept of the Divine (including reincarnation and a trans-human “Invisible Government” of spiritual guides) in the solemn tone of scholarly reportage.


3 responses to “Life, Love, Earth Changes and Soul’s Purpose – Messages from Spirit guides for our FUTURE”

  1. I like your comment about our free will. This also relates to “ you reap what you sow” the cause and effect of our actions – karma.
    This also reminded me of what Baba said “you are god, I am god …..” and the Buddha’s teach “we are all Buddhas”……
    The problem with us is we are distracted by what we see (illusion) rather than our highest potential.

    Good write up for serious self retreat. “A Journey Into Our Higher Consciousness”


  2. Txs…we r now so separated from Source…its takes a lot of Love to take us back to that Oneness..we can if we want..we need to embrace more ..with each other..with Mother Earth..Father Sun…
    Ra Ma Da Sa So Say So Hum


  3. Love everything about you Betty. From day 1, you always had sincere intentions to make a difference in creating awareness and have been a Beacon Of Light to many. I love what you write about. Ever so eager to be the change the world so needs! Thanks for walking the talk. Keep it up and keep going

    . Much Love Always


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