GOD Speaks – Creator to Creation

Excerpt From Vision – A Personal Call to Create a New World – channelled by Ken Carey – 1985 – for NOW – 2021

Awaken my human ones, Know me in my Spirit…

I desire no fanfare…trumpet-blasting cloud-opening entry…I would rather appear to you as a simple man, woman or child,…. Look for me in every one you meet….

“Each day…I am entering the lives of those who LOVE more fully, filling them with myself, clarifying their affairs, transforming them into agents of healing and blessing…..

“ I give you these words…as one who has blended with your way of looking at things and who now says: “Come, there is a better way. Listen while I tell you of my Vision.”

The Emerging Sacred Reality

“ I Love because I AM. …all things appear in my Love, because of my Love. I am one in spirit, many in form, the source of all living…. I have created Human Beings to be the BRIDGE, the CONNECTING LINK between my universality and my universe, between myself and creation.

Human beings who use their free will to choose fear cannot remain Conscious in my Presence…they must be quarantined on a world were education can take its time…On Earth, education has taken its time….

So My Awakening causes the fearful and the loving to separate as oil and water I am awakening in the Hearts of all those who choose Love. Some look for me on the outside. But there is no outside. All exists within Me.

“For millennia I have been guiding your species to greater intelligence that today I might bring this message…. Know my Presence behind your events…. Beneath the fabric of a superficial world, see as I do, the Kingdom of Heaven appearing in all its brilliance….

The EMERGING SACRED REALITY…all things shall be made New.

“The old world, the historical world, has been organized in fear. My world is organized in Love.

“In the beginning (of Creation) I instructed you simply that this Earth and all the material worlds …were yours to enjoy, provided only that you did not behave violently toward one another…

“Fear has a small role to play…its role is to protect the physical body from harm…a warning system.

“The FALL occurred when human behavior started creating Threats … Humankind lost awareness of my Presence and began seeing itself as a multitude of separate, isolated individuals…the Egos assumed control.

“The Tragedy of the Fall…curtailed the conscious exchange between Creator and Creation…My direction comes from Within. In the Fallen state, humans seek direction from without……

“When people look to Matter (the material, science, technology) instead of to Spirit for direction…balance is lost…so it is that human history was born.

“My angels were faced with the task of shepherding a semi-conscious species, patiently stimulating intelligence, protecting it from extinction, waiting, ever waiting for the age that is now.

The age that is NOW”

excerpts from VISION – A Personal Call to Create a New World – by Ken Carey, author of The Starseed Transmissions and Return of the Bird Tribes.

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