HEALING will thrive even in these pandemic times, if tempered with LOVE, NUTRITION and COMMON SENSE and not merely by promoting Vaccines…

This is the urgent theme of the revamped, updated 2ndE-edition of Towards Excellence in Modern Healthcare book by Dr Hiramalini Seshadri – humbly offered with LOVE – absolutely FREE to download here

Generation-Next of Medicos, Doctors, Healthcare professionals…as they seek to pursue excellence in caring for patients, based on Human Values”.

Why this Book is needed NOW!

Europe is in the throes of a third lockdown because COVID appears to be raging….Mutating into 4,000 over viruses. Millions have been vaccinated…but lockdown has only highlighted something more deadly…Loneliness & Mental Health.

More worrying: Vaccines have been hastily rushed out …and everyday brings fresh news that even young healthcare personnel are suffering severe ill effects, some even dying after getting vaccinated.

Writes Shaun Setty, MD Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon, The Larry and Helen Hoag Endowed Chair in Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery LA, CA, USA Dec. 1, 2020: (excerpt)

“COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we think, act and care for our patients and that has amazingly been incorporated into this second edition…Life is fragile, our patients are our kith and kin, and it is up to us to get back to what medicine is meant to be: healing our fellow man and hopefully in the process making ourselves a little better. ….”

Writes Prof. K.H. Yeoh*, December 9th 2020: (excerpt)

“COVID-19 has underscored, as never before, Human Values based healthcare as priority for humanity…. ‘Towards Excellence book’… covers not just healthcare, but cutting edge Consciousness research and much more – what they do NOT teach in medical school…

“As one trained in western medicine but touched beyond measure by an Eastern Master, (Sri Sathya Sai Baba) and as one who has experienced the power of a Master’s omnipotent love myself, though I scarce understand it, I definitely endorse the suggestion that the medical curriculum includes the therapeutic power of love and its derivatives…

“…As a doctor and teacher of medicine in the ninth decade of life, I have been dismayed by the steady erosion of values and dehumanisation of medicine that I have been witness to. I therefore find it heartening that the younger generation is stepping forth to stem the tide.

Dr. Hiramalini, the author, represents to me, generation next; and the bright young editor, Dr. Divya Seshadri (a doctor in Changi hospital), represents generation next-next.

“Dr. Hiramalini whom I have known closely, for the past few years, has been blessed with a distinguished academic record and a brilliant career; and combines the right qualities of heart and head. She has had the experience of working in different sectors of healthcare – in rural Kerala, in leading corporate hospitals, in private practice in the metropolis of Chennai, in charitable settings, in the unique Sri Sathya Sai hospitals which have no billing sections, and in elder care… in the West, India and in SE Asia…

“This book uncovers the truth that human values based compassionate healthcare is necessary not just for patients, but for the well-being of doctors and nurses too. Most importantly, it also suggests practical solutions; and gives examples of how compassionate good quality healthcare for all, CAN be made eminently affordable and even totally free of cost to beneficiaries…

“Out of the box, solution-oriented discussion and debate to end the unease and unrest that plague modern healthcare is quite the need of the hour…I heartily recommend the book to all in the profession of healing; and to all interested in creating a more just, humane and caring society.”

The author, Dr Hiramalini Seshadri, writes to her fellow Doctors:

“……the first edition of ‘Towards Excellence in Modern Healthcare” (2018), was birthed into a world increasingly dominated by big pharma, and for-profit healthcare systems driven by cold economics. But these pandemic times have exposed the vulnerability of our healthcare systems, even in the richest of nations.

“Cataloguing the challenges we face today in modern healthcare, this book …dares to discuss ‘miraculous’ healings’; and focuses on out-of-the-box thinking and on frontiers of knowledge, both of which, as of now, are kept out of medical schools. …

“…If this book drives them (Doctors, Nurses, all healthcare providers), to truly research healings that defy our present scientific understanding instead of ignoring them or belittling them;

If it urges them to study The IMPACT of LOVE, Truth, and their derivatives in the practice of modern medicine, and nudges them to go within and experience their own expansive identity and thereby find a greater meaning to life as a doctor, this book would have served its purpose.

“This second edition also documents this author’s humble foray into developing a simple strategy for ‘Team Excellence’- which is the cornerstone of healthcare in the 21st century. No more are doctors stand-alone providers. Healthcare has evolved into a delivery system by ‘Care Teams’. The book introduces a simple questionnaire and rating scale method to facilitate ‘Team Excellence’, using age-old, time-tested yet oft forgotten human values pathway.

“COVID-19 has brought into the limelight, traditional systems of medicine, which focus on cultivating positive immune health; for we have no cures for all possible sicknesses. But boosting immune health can prevent sickness of all kinds.

“Improving natural immunity through right nutrition, and by using traditional herbs rather than attempt to artificially shore up immunity with countless vaccines with all their possible adverse effects, not to mention high cost, is an area that calls for serious debate…

“Despite opposition from medical bastions, the public have from direct experience, understood that Siddha and Ayurvedic formulations are effective anti-viral shields, even against a pandemic like COVID-19. States like Tamilnadu in India, have in fact made the dispensing of such preventive formulations, government policy…

“In fact the little virus has forced the whole planet to wake up; and focus on health and healthcare! … All change begins with a thought; and this totally free to read e-edition is a sincere exercise to disseminate some noble thoughts on healthcare from our collective conscience…“

The chapter on NCDs- the bane of our world wakes us up to the need for de-stressing and eating right; highlights the priceless value of meditation and Yoga; what they do not teach in medical school yet.

The need for Modern Healthcare to revert to being a SERVICE, as opposed to a profit making business model clearly comes out; and likewise for Modern Medicine to thrive as the great art of HEALING that it was always meant to be, common sense must prevail; right nutrition for the body, meditation and Pranayama for the mind and Yoga for comprehensive health must find a place in the medical curriculum and in medical practice, says Dr Hiramalini Seshadri.

We need to promote the natural way to health first; we then may not need artificial measures like vaccines with their known and unknown side effects.

Amid all the depressing articles and research papers on managed health care, and healthcare economics which tend to suggest that quality medical treatment and healthcare are not possible, without a great deal of money, this book should bring Hope with Sound Scientific Evidence to back up that common sense line of thinking.

I urge you all, dear Readers, to read and to share widely. I enjoyed the first edition printed book; I still prefer to hold a physical book and read. But an e-edition is great too! You can make the font bigger if you want! And it is FREE! Happy Reading and Sharing!

Review and summary by Betty L Khoo-Kingsley, author Cancer Cured & Prevented Naturally, 2009 (Chp. 11 ‘Healing with LOVE Energy’ – is all about The Divine Doctor (Sri Sathya Sai Baba) who guides doctors through mental telepathy and also refers to the awesome experiences of Dr Hiramalini & her psychiatrist husband Dr Seshadri Harihar, authors of ‘Divine Doctor’ and The Sai-ence of Medicine books.)

*8 Biomedical Grove #01-08/09/10 Neuros @The Biopolis Singapore 138665 Email: khyeoh@singnet.com.sg

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