10 million Cancer Deaths Globally in Year 2020

Cancer bookCompare 2 million Covid deaths in 2020. US 200 billion plus dollars has been spent to find cause of cancer since 1971. Where has all that money gone to???

In Cancer Cured & Prevented Naturally (2009), I pay tributes to cancer winners!

Death-defying Pak Rahman Latiff, 81. Heart attack at 32, stroke at 58 and prostate cancer at 69! Cured after saying “No!” to operation, chemo and radio therapy. How did this humble Singapore Malay buck the trend? Pak Rahman speaks in Kampung Senang’s Holistic Lifestyle website and is profiled in my new book Grow Young & Healthy Naturally [1]
Caryn Dunning, 33, Breast Cancer. Switched from Darwin oncologist X to Vet doctor Ian E Gawler; attending his life-changing 10-day retreat – and cured her breast cancer, 21 years ago! 54- year-old grandma Caryn recounts her amazing journey in an earlier blog post.
Mdm Fong Ah Mui, Leukemia at 46. Remission after “horrifying and painful chemo”; then relapse; steeled herself for second round – but saw National Serviceman given ‘extra strong chemo’ and die! Then Bro James Low, volunteer from Tzu Chi visited, donated blood, fresh fruit and veg…. A grateful Mdm Fong refused chemo and changed from hawker diet to salads and juices…No more relapses. Now 73 and a widow, she is in a nursing home. (Mdm Fong learned that two of the doctors who attended to her – both younger than she – had died.)

Little Ze Ru 4, acute Leukemia : “Stop chemo, just give your son organic vegie food,” said visiting Dr Jiang Su Hui (Taiwan) to mum Sow Peng.” The cancer ward in the hospital for children, urged the boy to take meat to fight the cancer – mum and son refused; saw some children die during course of these toxic treatments. Entire supportive family turned to a living veggie and whole grain vegetarian diet. Today, 2021, Ze Ru is in a monastery university in Canada.

Linda Chan-Chew, 79”Mammogram at 60, caused my breast cancer!” Had operation but refused chemo – gave away free chemo trial drugs worth S$400/ “Always be happy, make others happy and you will have good health and happiness,” says this open-minded Catholic. Linda’s journey is also in Grow Young & Healthy Naturally.

What is the common thread running through these ordinary yet extraordinary men and women? Why did they refuse medical treatments which Insurance companies pay for? What did they do to not just survive but even thrive…and give thanks to their cancer?

World Cancer Day Feb 4, 2021
Statistics year 2021 are GRIM!

WHO data globally
19,292,789 (19 Million) new cases registered in 2020
9,958,133 (10 Million) patients lost their lives

Malaysia: Population – 33.4 million
48,639 new cases were registered in 2020
29,530 mediated Cancer deaths in 2020

Singapore: Population 5.69 million
38 people diagnosed every day, about 5,500 deaths annually

WHY – When medical treatments and drugs are more advanced? WHY – When billions of $$$ spent to find cause and cure?

“President Obama, Jan 2016, State of Union Address pledged “A moon shot to find a cure”, nominating VP Joe Biden (whose son Beau had died of brain cancer at 46!) to lead the search.

President Nixon, Jan 1971, State of Union Address, launched a ‘War on Cancer’ and committed billions to research…with reverse results!!!
Cancer has exploded globally and exponentially

But why pour billions into research? Cancer cause and cure was known over 80 years ago! And the leading Bioneers were:

Max GersonDr Max Gerson MD: Medical genius and humanitarian(1881 – 1959) Gerson’s raw vegie diet was curing TB, Arthritis, Asthma, Stroke …before it was found to also cure Cancer! Dr Gerson, founder of the Gerson therapy and Institute – was hounded out of USA (after fleeing nazi Germany) and had to set up his Institute in Mexico.

Rudolf Steiner* Dr Rudolf Steiner: philosopher-educator (1861 – 1926), Founder of Anthroposophical Medicine and Nutrition, Waldorf and Curative Education for the mentally challenged and Biodynamic agriculture . “Anthroposophical hospital food is vegetarian, Biodynamic and delicious” – Dr Ralph Moss, USA, Moss Cancer Reports.

Cancer Cause and Cure

Australian farmer, Percy Weston had Cancer, knew the cause, administered the cure wrote: Cancer Cause and Cure and formulated ‘Percy’s Powder’ …and lived to be 100!

The Root cause of all cancers – all lifestyle diseases, plus Corona virus (in all its 4,000 mutations) !

“There’s virtually no clean soil and water left, chemical, man-made toxins are in all Foods, Water and Air.” – Dr Joseph D WeissmanSpecialist in Preventive Medicine & Immunology

Toxic AIR: – In towns and cities we breathe in ultra fine pollutants, a slow killer as invisible pollutants penetrate deep our lungs, causing lung cancer. Vehicles, factories, power plants, incinerators, pesticide fogging and seasonal haze all add up to a toxic ‘soup’, invisible to the naked eye.

Toxic WATER:- “My lymphoma probably caused by chlorinated tap water which has also got heavy metals,” – Dr Noordin Darus, former Malaysia’s Sports Medicine doctor; his ‘cure’ ? Resuscitated his cells by drinking purified and ‘living’ water. Dr Darus developed RX-Water Aura and founded WorldWellness Network (HQ-KL).

Toxic SOIL :- “The fundamental damage starts with artificial (petroleum-based) fertilisers…thus the chemically transformed vegetarian and meat nourishment, increasing through generations, transforms the organs and functions of the human body – in the wrong direction.” – Dr Max Gerson M.D.

Why have we been poisoning our only home, Planet Earth?
The inconvenient truth:
Prof/Dr Samuel Epstein[2], author of Politics of Cancer (1979) Politics of Cancer Revisited (1999): “The Cancer Industry marches on like an Unstoppable Tumour.”

So, this is why ‘Foods as medicines and natural therapies’ have been suppressed?

No money to be made in DIY back to nature cures!

Anti Cancer“We are NOT tackling cancer-causing habits and (worsening) environmental pollution”- Dr David Servan-Schreiber, 46, brain cancer survivor, Neuro-scientist, author: Anticancer: A New Way of Life

“Toxic treatments can cause new cancers…and often patients die not because of the cancer but because of the treatment” – warn specialists like Dr Lai Chiu Nan and Prof/Dr Yukie Niwa.

“Please, tell everyone how useless chemo is,” a dying Ilani Isahak, 58, said to her anguished brother, Dr Amir-Farid. He had got her to change her diet but her oncologist convinced her that she still needed chemo. Dato Illani was a lawyer, interfaith leader, wife and mum. Her mother was present at her deathbed and later helped to bury her daughter. (Full story in CaCare online).

The long-term effects of Medical treatments and ‘drugs for life’

Pretty Ming, early 50s, diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer: Had operation, chemo- and radio- therapy. Was told that chemo drugs would be for life. “Luckily we had insurance for the SGD 2,000 a month chemo drugs, as TCM herbs cost us SGD 500/- a month,” husband said. Ming’s remission lasted for six years, then tumors spread to her brain. She died, age 60, six years after being given drugs ‘for life’.

Cancer Survivors: Late effects of cancer treatments
Mayo clinic – Some side effects of cancer treatment can surface years later. Dental problems; early menopause; hearing loss; heart problems; increased risk of other cancers; infertility; loss of taste; lung disease…

“I am surprised your cancer hasn’t returned? Darwin oncologist X told Caryn Dunning – after her return from vet Gawler’s retreat – cured ! “Maximum I give you 10 years survival,” onco X pronounced! Caryn has not only been cancer-free for 21 years, but had none of the progressively worsening side effects of chemo. And, if Caryn had continued with chemo, she would have been sterile and not have had her third daughter, lovely Amber.

“Toxic treatments can cause new cancers – often patients die, not because of the cancer but the treatments,” Prof/Dr Yukie Niwa, Japan (founder of SOD-like action teas and the Niwa Institute for Immunology)

“Surgery and chemo do not cure, chemo drugs are deadly poisons”- Dr Hiromi Shinya (2007), pioneer of colonscopic surgery.

The cure – so simple: “Drink your Veggies and avoid Fluorinated water,” advises Dr Russell Blaylock, retired US neurosurgeon, author: The Great Cancer Lie: Preventable and Beatable – Dr Blaylock recounted losing his younger brother to the cancer system…once he entered the hospital it was like being on a conveyor belt…to the mortuary.

It takes great courage to defy the toxic system.
These courageous people did. They defied doctors’ dire prognoses, took charge and turned to raw vegetarian diets, herbs and self-help strategies – Meditation, Creative Visualisation, Qigong, Yoga, walks in Nature.. and decades later are living full and productive lives.

GYHN Front Cover Book[1] Grow Young and Healthy Naturally. To purchase an eBook version, please go to https://bettylkhookingsley.selz.com/
The physical book is available in Singapore at Kampung Senang HLC (Blk 106 Aljunied Crescent) and Lapis Lazuli Light (Blk 201 Hougang St 21). 

[2] Read about his amazing life here and why he was awarded The Right Livelihood Award, the alternative Nobel Prize. https://rightlivelihood.org/the-change-makers/find-a-laureate/samuel-epstein/

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  1. Yes i have read about this earlier too.i have read peace love and healing and Carl simonten’s books also.it takes phenomenal courage to say no to treatment.but we could do that for our mother suffering from oedophageal cancer at 82.pollution is playing havoc with sL NCD s akso


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