“Everyone marveled at this 76 years ‘young woman’ who hiked all the way to the top”– Dr Amir-Farid

My soul-brother Dr Amir invited me to join his big family on a hike up to 800-metre Tampik waterfalls in Pahang, Malaysia (August 2020- after lockdown had lifted).

I said “YES” then wondered if I could keep up? His group comprised fit youngsters and a couple of 40+ year-old parents! At 66, Dr Amir was the second oldest!

The forested trail was steep and muddy but they helped Grandma clamber up the toughest spots…I was armed with umbrella as walking stick, but parents had Nordic ski-sticks ..

After 45 minutes we reached the waterfall. I wanted to wade barefoot in the icy water but slipped and fell in – up to my neck! To keep warm, I swam furiously, breathing in deeply the negative ions from the cascading water.

So invigorating!

Ah…icy swim, forest bathe’..then sunbath on a rock – Bliss!

I have quite often had twinges of pain on knees, sometimes leg cramps at night, so I did wonder if this challenging climb and unexpected swim in icy waters – would do me in.

Guess what? For the next few days, I slept like a log. No cramps, my legs and my stamina was even better than usual!

How come? Well, I was physically having more of a work-out than I normally do. And then I heard oldies in Spore say that recently many had fallen, landed in hospital, some for weeks – after lockdown had lifted.

Then came the report: A study from U/Copenhagen found that both old and young during two weeks of inactivity (lock-down was two months!), leg muscle strength weakened by a third, which is equivalent to 40-50 years of age…”

I had refused to return to Spore when lockdown was imposed. Defiantly I stayed in Malaysia where my unit was in a 4-storey condo, nestled in the forested foothills and market-gardens of Malaysia.

While most huddled in their aircon units, with freezers full of frozen food

I, and a handful of others), walked out everyday – to sun ourselves, to breathe in the refreshing air.. to harvest the edible weeds and vegies for my simple meals.

So I boosted my immune system – instead of sending it crashing down.

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