C0VID-19: Heavyweight PM Boris VS Lightweight Prince Charles– why PM Boris was dealt a ‘knock-out’ blow.

Photos credit to telegraph | wixy Source: RedChili21 MY

Lessons we all can learn regarding why 71 year-old Prince Charles got away so lightly…while 56 year-old Boris nearly died.

April: 2020: The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was stricken with C0VID-19 so seriously he was in hospital & ICU for a week plus two weeks quarantine in his country residence. Although PM Boris was only 56 he should have had a ‘youthful advantage’ over Prince Charles who is 71. But he didn’t.

Prince Charles had only mild C0VID-19, no medical treatment and, after self-isolation on his farm-house for a week, he was up and about. The Prince works 7 days a week (on his farm and official duties).

Lesson 1: Both men are 5’ 10 ins (1.75 m) so ‘equal’ in stature!
Boris weighed in at 107.9 kgs (a whopping 238 pounds!)
Charles weighed in at 75 kg (165 pounds, ideal for his height!)
Alas, Boris was/still is very overweight! While Charles is the ideal weight for his height. Photos taken on his 70th birthday showed the Prince at Barbados beach in (12-year-old faded swimming shorts) with a physique and fitness that men half his age would envy.

Photo: MEGA Source: Express UK

The Obese have multiple health issues and these pre-conditions make them far more vulnerable to getting a very serious bout of C0VID-19. Boris, after C0VID ordeal: “ I was way too fat!”

Photo: Andrew Parsons/No10 Downing Street Source: Guardian UK

Lesson 2: What they Eat & Drink- a world of difference!
PM Boris: A match for Donald Trump with junk food all the way!
(from his Observer Food Monthly diet diary)
Breakfast: Slice of birthday cake (left-over in fridge)
Coffee with milk/sugar, bagels and margarine (trans fat!)
Fave Food: Sausages and Mash Potatoes (bought frozen to thaw)
Drink: At least one litre of Diet Coke a day, and cheap red wine.
Snack: Three lattes (coffee with milk/sugar); also chocolate and hazelnut croissant.
Dinner: Tuna & lettuce or Ribs and mash potatoes.
What Boris dislikes – fruits & veggies! And anything wild!
(Source: Vice UK)

Prince Charles: Only two light meals a day (a healthy man).
He skips lunch and only has breakfast and dinner. Is a ‘poster boy’ for eating organic, promoting vegetarianism (to save the Planet) and fasting. Goes on Yoga & Ayurvedic retreats with wife Camilla.
Breakfast: Two, 3 minute farm-fresh eggs, tea with honey, organic wheatgerm and cereal and herb bread
No lunch – says it makes one sluggish – on official duties, on-his-feet until tea-time – Welsh fruit cake is a favourite.
Dinner: fave meal: Grouse (wild bird) moussaka, with salad and dry martini

Lesson 3: You ARE what you EAT – thankfully, Boris after his nasty C0VID bout, is now fully aware of the consequences of junk/fast food/drinks – and has embarked on a nation-wide campaign against obesity and junk foods.

Lifestyle: Both men are workaholics
Boris is sedentary: frequently holed up in meetings at 10 Downing street. But post-C0VID he is now seen in running shorts.
Prince Charles is a hands-on gardener, (also talks to his plants), treks, walks with dogs; rides. And, besides his own royal ‘walk-about-duties’, he has, in recent years, taken on some of those of his 94- year-old mother, Queen Elizabeth.
So both men work 7/11 and work with passion and purpose. While that is good – PM Boris needs to make time to really relax.

Lesson 4: A PM’s job is sedentary; endless meetings. So he has to make an effort to work-out everyday and, as a Londoner, it’s not in the woods while the Prince is able to seamlessly work – often outdoors and sport in nature, in the woods.
A daily work-out – in nature – is of paramount importance .

What Medicines does the Prince & the PM take?

PM Boris, based on Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), would be all for mainstream medicine and, up until his C0VID experience, he had no clue that diet is directly related to health – i.e. junk foods lead to obesity and multiple chronic health problems.
It’s well-known that Prince Charles actively promotes and uses homeopathic and chiropractic therapies and his food/drink choices shows he is very much aware of the importance of organic foods and drink as ‘Nature’s Medicines’.

Lesson 5: By now it should be obvious that Prince Charles is the WINNER hands-down – and a person for the PM and all of us to emulate.

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