Absolutely FREE! Health-care, Education, Water…! Betty L Khoo-Kingsley’s latest Revelations!

In a world of pay & pay…the highest price for the ‘Best Brains’, the highest price for the best private hospitals and the services of top notch specialists

But there are colleges, universities, speciality hospitals where not only is admission, operations, medication all Free but there is a wing for families, based on the understanding that the patient, especially child, heals fastest when loving family is around.

And, whoever heard of doctors – medical specialists – volunteering for work stints in hospitals for FREE ? See these photos – these architectural marvels, are hospitals that look like palaces but within is where true healing – with LOVE, sans billing, goes on.

The first Super Speciality hospital in village of Puttarpathi  – funded by Isaac Tigrett (Source: Wikipedia)

I was blessed to be able to visit the first Super Speciality hospital, The pink Palace of Healing in Puttarpathi, designed by world-famous architect of sacred architecture, Sir Keith Critchlow and paid for with money donated by Isaac Tigrett, when he sold his Hard Rock café chain. And amazingly it was built within one-year! And opened in 1991.

Then take Education: Pay and pay…for the best private kindergartens, the best tuition centres, the best private schools, colleges and universities…only free if you are brainy or sporty enough to get a scholarship!

Mop-haired village school drop-out…Sathya Sai Baba…the ‘philanthropist’ who says, “Education, Healthcare and Water cannot be profit-making, it must be absolutely free to all. 

And who has been the philanthropist behind these? A mop-haired Indian who, at age 14, had dropped out of his village school…to begin his Universal Mission of teaching us that our purpose in life on Earth is to ‘Love All, Serve All’.

He is Sathya Sai Baba, worshipped by millions around the world, and reviled by a clutch of ‘dark forces’ who used the BBC to supposedly ‘Expose Sai Baba as a Fraud.’ (But, for me, it is the BBC whose credibility/integrity is in irreparable ruins.)

His Life-after-Death Global Mission

What is truly awesome is that Sai Baba passed away in April of 2011 and his physical body is entombed in the ashram-temple of his birthplace, Puttarpathi but his Mission has, since 2011, taken on a momentum that has been written up by Dr Hiramalini Seshadri as ‘The Most Incredible Sathya Sai Mission – Post Mahasamadhi(i.e. act of consciously leaving body at moment of death.)

Sathya Sai Baba now ‘walks’ the Earth as Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai (Source: Youtube* screenshot)

Incredible because it’s been speeded up (in tandem with climate change disasters, pandemics, to ‘root out the evil’ and enable the good to play their part, giving self-less service to the poor and healing our eco-systems. All this in order to bring about the promised Golden Age.

“So since 2011, through his faithful student Madhusudan Naidu, Baba has been leading a global blitzkrieg of service. A University for Human Excellence, 30+ campuses offering free education, 10,000+ free pediatric cardiac surgeries done in new Indian hospitals, a daily breakfast for over 250,000 hungry school children, free Medical Centers in Fiji, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and coming up, in the Mississippi, USA!” Donations are not solicited…yet they come in and always in the nick of time!

Still these projects, although fantastic, are not His Agenda, says Sai Baba. They are solely to help MAN transform, become self-less and realize his true divine identity.

This is also why I am writing these Revelations. Because, in the wake of Covid 19 and world-wide lockdowns and even more people out of work and sicker than ever, we have much to learn from how the Sri Sathya Sai Educational and Medical institutions are able to provide quality education and healthcare and food, Free of Charge.

For this, the testimony of Mr Sunil Shenoy (20+ years of global experience in investment banking with an EMBA degree from INSEAD), gives an insight into the operations and finances of Sai Baba’s free hospitals.

In 2015…I had an experience that I consider nothing short of a miracle…I was racked by debilitating back pain…which three doctors said was due to a prolapsed disc and I either have an op or risk paralysis.”

My neurosurgeon friend, employed at the Sri Sathya Sai Super Speciality hospital in Bangalore said, ‘Just come here and let’s do it,’.

Established in 2001, as of March 2015, 46,535 cardiology procedures and 20,720 neurology procedures had been performed at this hospital with a mortality rate of (0.87%) lower than the average for a hospital in the developed world…..

At Sathya Sai hospital I was discharged less than 24 hours after leaving the operating room. Hospital staff were in touch with me by phone throughout my recovery. Not once did I feel my care had been compromised…..

The Finances…the land was donated by the state government..beyond that the Bangalore hospital draws its operating budget from the income generated from the Sathya Sai Central Trust’s corpus fund that, at its inception in 1990, comprised USD55 million in unsolicited donations from individuals and institutions across the world…..As for Costs, Equipment etc, get full details from ‘The Spirit of Healing:Sri Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital Elton Gomes.”

The Spirit of Service

Can the Sathya Sai Medical models be replicated? Yes. According to Sunil Shenoy, “underlying the hospitals’ guiding principle is Baba’s teachings that proper healthcare is a human right that professionals should deliver without concern for anything but the patient’s needs. All other factors such as profit or passing trends in medical technology – have no place in a hospital.”

The humble school drop-out who is hailed as ‘The Doctor of Doctors!’

Doctors consult Sai Baba -from testimonies of 18 doctors in INSPIRED MEDICINE compiled-edited by Judith Warner 

Eighteen physicians from different specialities and countries gave their accounts of “the profound influence Sathya Sai Baba has had on their personal and professional lives in INSPIRED MEDICINE,” a book compiled & edited by Judy Warner …..

This World Teacher brings heart into a field which has long been tempted by money and position. Sai Baba’s hospitals symbolize a new approach to medicine in which care is provided free of charge and love is an essential ingredient in the healing process”.

Sai Baba says, ‘Science without humanity is dangerous. This is a book of miracle, marvel and medicine that has the power to amaze, delight, teach and transform” – words by Samuel H Sandwiss, M.D. California.

* Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai: 2019 in review https://youtu.be/MUqI7gzOEWw

Part 2: Sai Baba – world teacher: The purpose of Education is Character building – and not catering to the whims of industry.

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