GOD’s FREE GIFT to all of Humankind

This is not a hoax…God is gifting us with an ‘entry’ to the promised Golden Age – Betty L Khoo-Kingsley reports.


Instructions on how to redeem this ‘free gift’ are in the very first chapter of Dr Hiramalini Seshadri’s 338 page book: The Incredible Mission of Sri Sathya Sai – post Mahasamadhi. (post Mahasamadhi means after His death when His body was laid in a Tomb).

The Most Incredible front.jpg

Are you shaking your head in disbelief thinking: “Didn’t the Indian Guru Sathya Sai Baba die many years ago? Didn’t the authorities find all the gold and jewelry he had been ‘hoarding, in his private apartments”?

Yes, Sathya Sai Baba did pass away on April 24 in year 2011 at the age of 84. And Yes, all that mountain of gold and jewelry was just stashed away — He was ‘stashing’ it away because He couldn’t stop devotees from sending, and the gifts just piled up over the decades.

And He didn’t need to sell even one item to build His super speciality hospitals*1, schools, colleges, universities and water projects, all absolutely FREE. He wanted to set an example to the world. That you do not need money to do good. Just ‘love all, serve all, See God in All’. Selfless service is the only way for us to get off this hamster wheel of birth after birth, life after life has been His message for 70+ years, ever since His birth in 1926.

And this is why Sathya Sai Baba has returned! Yes, He has returned – to carry on the mission that He had to abort, because of His worn-out physical body.

And He is inviting us to join in…to help usher a thousand years of peace on Planet Earth.

This is the reason why Dr Hiramalini, UK recognized rheumatologist and physician, wrote this book – and all in a matter of three and a half months!

Right now, in the midst of the chaos of climate change disasters, endless wars and pandemic epidemics, many are looking for salvation. Religious leaders and new age gurus have been promising us that all we need to do to exit the chaos, the suffering is to have faith.

And the promised Savior will descend and lift us up to heaven or, if we are a new ager, then ‘Scottie’ will beam us up in a shiny spaceship, easy as ABC?

Aha, if you are a serious spiritual seeker you will know that it’s far from easy…

And you will also know that to get to Heaven, you have to overcome many many challenges. However, IF we truly want ‘freedom from all fears, freedom from all material worries and ardently wish to find a Peace and Bliss that knows no bounds, even while within the confines of our physical bodies, then read on.

Light Body’ Sai Baba merged with Madhusudan Naidu on July 16, 2019. Thereafter there is only Sadhguru Madhusudan Sai.

Fly to the abode of the Lord God of all the Universes…on Earth

Join the good doctor Hiramalini, as she whisks us off to ‘The Energetic Centre of the Universe” where the Lord (God in human form), of all the Universes resides.

He, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, embarked on His second, world-wide outreach mission even as His broken physical body was laid in His Tomb in the village of Puttarparthi, three hours journey from IT city Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore).

And millions mourned — many thousands still mourn — and refuse to believe that while His body is entombed – He has been working ceaselessly from the 4th Dimension; gathering His Team – from far and wide — appearing in His Light Body to startled devotees, all over the world. Or appearing in their vivid dreams to instruct them on how they can participate in His second mission.

All this we learn from Dr Hiramalini as she weaves this magical tale which reads like a fantasy…But it is REAL. Follow her as the ‘magic carpet’ sets down gently on the uphill paved road that leads from the grand gate of Muddenahalli up to the hilltop clock tower building – The Energetic Centre of the Universe.

What I saw on my arrival on 26 December, 2019, was a series of posters lining the road. Under each Sathya Sai Baba picture were these words: ‘Towards the Golden Age.’ From pre-dawn to after sunset, this road is filled with a couple of thousand devotees.

Because of Sathya Sai’s Presence (first in His Light Body form, using His former obedient student-disciple Madhusudhan, recently (2019) merged as One with Madhusudhan) the once sleepy village of Muddenahalli is now a hive of activity.

The Energetic Centre of the Universe

Nestled in the sacred Nandi hills, the abode of minor Gods – Rishis and Saddhus for aeons of years — an en tire university ‘town’ cum splendid Temple complex has sprung up.

From an eagle’s nest vantage point, colleges, halls of residences, even a sports stadium and apartments for residential devotees, have been built, all within three short years.

Incredible is too feeble a word to describe how these magnificent and beautiful buildings have sprung up like flowers after rain. They were built at break-neck speed, with financing and manpower miraculously appearing, just when desperately needed to continue.

Why the speed? Amazing in a country where bureaucracy slows everything to the pace of a lumbering bullock cart.

The Lord says that it is so that thousands upon thousands of students – priority is given to those from the poorest rural areas — will be educated in a system that puts the Universal Human values before academic excellence.

In Sri Sathya Sai’s words, spoken on His 83rd birthday: “ Without spirituality, all education will be in vain. There are many educated people but they are not doing anything to society. They indulge in gambling and other unhealthy practices. When you direct children in the right way, they will become responsible citizens.”

So on the eve of Sathya Sai’s 94th birthday, He has brought to reality, the vision that He had sketched 10 years earlier.

He knows that when these thousands of young women and men graduate, they will have the heart, the knowledge cum wisdom, and the sterling competencies that will usher us into a truly golden new age to live in a restored garden of Eden.

Dr Hiramalini’s revelations takes us behind the scenes…so we are privileged to witness the grooming of young banker Madhusudan Naidu – how in his ardent desire to serve his Master Sri Sathya Sai, this former pasta, pizza and movie-loving man, willingly gave up his junk foods to queue with destitutes for the simple but satvic (pure vegetarian) foods served up at the Shirdi Sai Baba canteen!

Thanks to Dr Hiramalini we are also awed witnesses to how Sathya Sai returned in His Light Body (aka Etheric Body, seen only by a handful) soon after his death and through appearances and/or dreams to his chosen devotees, was able to gather His Team from far and wide.

From London and Italy to the USA, from Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Malaysia and Singapore – including 14 Singapore families*2, these extraordinary devotees have, in three short years, with Sathya Sai as master director, set up free Medical Centres, over 12 Ashrams globally, countless youth-led service projects. And even a free hospital in Missisippi USA!

But Dr Hiramalini has written this book not just for us to be dumb-struck spectators to what is unfolding as the greatest ‘show’ on Earth. He has a divine purpose for us.

We are truly at the Cross-Roads, we have been given free-will and we have abused it by turning our backs on Nature – utterly forgetting that ‘We ARE Nature’ – and if we destroy Nature, we destroy ourselves.

We have failed to recognize that we are ALL ONE – One with every race, every faith, every creature on land and sea, one with all the trees and one with every blade of grass.

Now this free Gift is our last chance …if we do not Grab It we will not see the Golden Age dawn on this re-born Earth. (When we die we will be reborn on another habitable Planet, similar to the old Earth, to re-enact our dramas, Korean-style, ad nauseum!).

So over to Dr Hiramalini who, in the very first chapter says: “IF as the one takeaway from this book you learn to hook up to that ‘Divine Intelligence Body’ that is our common inheritance, dear reader, my writing this book would be worth it.“

As Sri Sathya Sai’s Scribe (she refers to him simply as ‘Swami’), she writes:

“Swami said the TIME had come for all human beings to learn to be aware of this subtle ‘Divine Wisdom Body’ because, unlike Brain Intelligence, which is invariably hijacked by the mind, body and ego, the ‘Divine Wisdom Body’ is untouched by Ego. (And it is EGO – the I, Me, Mine that makes us power-crazy, controlling, judgmental and destructive.)

And when we are able to live from our ‘Divine Wisdom Body’, it automatically leads us to FEEL ONENESS with ALL and live from an infinitely more expansive identity. And thereby treat all as our Brothers & Sisters.

“What IS this Divine Intelligence? You ask? “The amazing truth is, even mundane cells of say, our gut and other organs are smarter than our brains when it comes to Digestion. They have the intelligence to convert Idli & Dosa (or Rice & Noodles), into human flesh and blood.”

“As Sadguru of Isha fame once remarked, ‘If a scientist declared he could make a mobile phone out of idli & dosa, we would give him the Nobel prize; our humble digestive system knows how to convert a banana to human flesh.

So move over all you AI wannabees – the robotic monsters and Frankenstein fake meats you are creating in laboratories for big $$$$ is not only foolish but harmful to our God-designed bodies.

Now here is the Formula that our Lord God of all the Universes has given us – to redeem this ‘GIFT’. In Dr Hiramalini’s own words and experience: “Earlier on, the only way I experienced Oneness with others was by blindly practicing Swami’s teachings during seva (i.e. rendering free service as a medical doctor in His free hospital), loving and serving all, seeing Swami in all.

“Now, at the cusp of the New Age, He wanted to put me on consciously on the road to consciously realize that Oneness. He wanted me to connect to the subtler wisdom/divine intelligence that pervaded every cell of my gross body.”

And, know too she continues, “that it is this ‘Divine Intelligence that can not only make Idli-Dosa into human flesh, but it can also create the highest in music and literature; unlock all the secrets of science and math…This is the Divine Intelligence that we have to pray to be led to, said Swami. And this is the divine intelligence referred to in the Gayatri mantra; not our puny chemical brain intelligence.”

“Swami also revealed that an easy way to get there is by changing Aum*3 and the Gayatri Mantra*4 with the utmost sincerity and humility.” “I immediately got started, says Dr Hiramalini.

This Free GIFT is our Birthright, so let us claim it be truly Liberated.

*1 The world’s first Free Super Speciality hospital was built in Sai Baba’s village of Puttarpathi, in under one year – with proceeds from the sales of Isaac Tigrett’s Hard Rock café chains.

*2 A separate book has been written about these 14 Singapore families – author: Dr Hiramalini Seshadri

*3 & *4 Just search on the internet and you will get several versions of AUM and the Gayatri Mantra.


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